Your Animal Spirit for February 10th is the Turkey

Your Animal Spirit for Today
February 10, 2014


Has turkey gobbled his way into your life today? If so he brings a message of sacrificing for the greater good. To some indigenous tribes, Turkey represents the spirit of the giveaway–a ceremony where those who have more give to those who have less, thus “sacrificing” for others. If Turkey helps you feel the spirit of giving, who can you help?

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A Little Humor for Your Day – ‘You Might Be A Redneck If…..’

You might be a redneck if…

You don’t think Jeff’s Foxworthy’s jokes are funny.

Every time you see a roadsign that says “DIP” you reach in your back pocket.

You’ve ever had Thanksgiving dinner on a Ping-Pong table.

You have to throw down a rope ladder to get out of your truck.

You have to hit the dashboard in your truck to get the lights and radio to work.

The tires on your pick-up are taller than your children.

The duct tape on your car seat sticks to your butt when you get out.

You think “dual airbags” refers to your wife and mother-in-law.

Shopping for dinner involves an orange vest.

Your school dress code contains the line “Shoes Optional”.

Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed Saturday, Dear Brothers & Sisters!

Good Saturday Morning, dear brothers & sisters! Long time no talk too! How ya’ll been doing? I must admit I am feeling fantastic today. The Sun is shining and it is about 60 degrees here. I finally got my staples out from my surgery. Since then I have been going 90 to nothing around here. Everyone babied me so, now I am driving them crazy. They keep hollering I am going to over do, HA! They don’t know it but when I feel a pull or a little pain, I stop and sit down. Gee, you would think I was 2 years old and didn’t have sense enough to take care of myself. But I guess I shouldn’t complain I know they all love me and have good intentions. I just hate being sick. It gets on my nerves. I have never been a person to sit around and do nothing. I have always had to be in something. That sitting in the wheelchair like to have drove me rabid. Anyway it is said and done, I appreciate and love all of them for their caring of me.

Hubby and I got up this morning and went down to the animal refuge to check on them. We have had a pack of dogs running again. All the critters were ok. We fed them, hubby cleaned out the stalls and I coached him on how to do it, lol! Then we took old Tom Turkey to town to have him smoked this year. You want to hear something hilarious? My daughter bought a new house. She decided she would cook Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. I was talking to her on the phone and asked her what time we need to be there. Her reply was, “Oh, I have been aiming to talk to you about that!” I thought “oh, shit!” And I was right, she wanted to know if I would come over to her house, spend the night and cook the turkey. I said, “I don’t think so.” Then she wanted to know if I would cook it here. Hubby spoke up and said, “no.” He told her I had no business pulling and tugging on a heavy turkey. She then asked me how to cook a turkey. I gave her instructions and asked her if she needed anything else (boy, do I know when to stick the old foot in the mouth, lol!). Her answer was, “oh, yes, momma could you cook the dressing, sweet potatoes, devil the eggs, fix a green bean casserole and a pumpkin pie.” She doesn’t want much does she, lmao! I finally asked her what was the point of us having dinner at her house, if I was going to do all the cooking. That pissed her off. She said, “well then just fix the dressing, sweet potatoes and a pie.” I know why she want to have the dinner at her house. But I just wish she would learn how to cook before she starts showing off her house. Her husband was telling me that the house had a huge kitchen to it. It was hilarious, her husband and I both said at the same time, “What a waste of space, lol!”

I am going to fly for now. I have a lot more to tell you about things that happened during my recuperation. It was like being at the zoo around here. But I feel 100& better and now things are going to get back to normal. I have missed all of you and look forward to hearing from you.  Till then….

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A



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The Holidays Are Almost Here, See How Healthy Your Holiday IQ is?

What’s Your Holiday Health IQ? (Quiz)

by Diana Vilibert

Back away from the eggnog and find out how much you know about  staying healthy while chowing down on your holiday favorites:

1. How many calories are in an average Thanksgiving  meal? A. 1,500 B. 2,000 C. 3,000

2. TRUE OR FALSE: When it comes to turkey, you can save half the  calories by sticking to white meat instead of dark.



Answer #1: C., 3,000 calories—and 229 grams of fat.

Answer #2: TRUE. White meat has half the calories (and a  quarter of the fat) of dark meat with skin—so stick to white meat to save on  calories…or to justify a second helping. Or, make your Thanksgiving meal even  healthier by adding vegan options.


3. TRUE OR FALSE: Eating with family and friends causes you to eat  more.

4. Start with this appetizer before a big holiday meal to consume  fewer calories overall:

A. Soup

B. Salad

C. Anything on a  tiny cracker



Answer #3: TRUE. A study by Pennsylvania State University found that when people ate among friends or family, they  consumed about 50 percent more than if they were alone or among strangers. One  theory? Drinking and watching others indulge lowers your resolve, while  conversation prolongs the meal and distracts us from being aware of how much  we’re eating.

Answer #4: A., Soup. A study conducted by Baylor College of  Medicine in Houston found that people who consumed a bowl of hot soup before  meals ate less, lost more weight, and kept it off longer.


5. What’s your healthiest drink  option?

A. A 12-ounce beer

B. A 6-ounce glass of wine

C. A  2-ounce martini

6. How much weight does the average person gain between Thanksgiving  and New Year’s?

A. 2 pounds

B. 4 pounds

C. 6 pounds



Answer #5: B., a 6-ounce glass  of wine. It’ll only set you back 114 calories, compared to the 138 in a 12-ounce  beer, and 149 in a martini. Stick to red wine for the health benefits: it’s a  rich source of antioxidants and one glass a day may even lower your risk of a  heart attack, help prevent blood clots and reduce blood vessel damage caused by  fat deposits.

Answer #6: C., 6 pounds. The average person consumes an extra 600 calories a day between Thanksgiving and New  Year’s, packing on about six extra pounds by the time the ball drops.