Your Animal Spirit for October 27th is the Owl

Your Animal Spirit for Today
October 27, 2013



Many cultures associate Owl with death, while others see Owl as the “night eagle”—the bird that embodies shamanism. Owl has exceptional hearing, and his medicine is one of clairaudience—the ability to hear spirit. If Owl has silently glided into your life today, he is asking you to face your own fears, and listen to the messages spirit is sending you.

September 8 – Daily Feast

September 8 – Daily Feast

Autumn shadows grow long across the land and a sunset washes the sky with colors of a ripe peach. The color deepens and spreads in cherry-colored streaks until even the grasses in the meadow are tinted pink. A single cry from the deep woods could be the wail of a coyote or the shriek of an owl. Such primitive voices speak of sameness even while they change the human world. Daytime activity ceases when evening draws its shadows through the woods. Deer feed quietly. Hounds pursue the raccoon and hundreds of tracks along the feed road tell us that humans may walk here but other species own the night.

~ We never did the white man any harm; we don’t intend to. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler