Spell Work

A lot of us are having challenges so I wanted to share a spell that I made up for overcoming those challenges no matter what type of challenge it is…

What you will need:

Purple Candle

Dirt gathered from the four sacred directions where you live

A bag (any type) but small that will fit in your pocket

Then the first thing you do is light the candle and think about the challenge at hand as you stare into the flame. Now, you would place the dirt into whatever bag you have chosen, mixing it together and tie the bag and say “I am strong and successful. My fears only make me stronger and the challenges I face do not frighten me. I am strong and successful.”

Now take the bag and carry it in your pocket or purse whenever you go to face the world.

This is amazing and it works.

Blessed be

The Psychic & Magickal Properties of the Second Quarter of the Moon


Second Quarter

(From the waxing half moon to the full moon)

During this lunar phase, emotions and instinct are heightened. You will notice that precognitive dreams, intuition, and clairvoyance will peak as the full moon gets closer. During this lunar phase, spells will come to fruition swiftly, especially if they are uncomplicated and sincere. The closer you can cast your spells to the actual time of the full moon, the more power and oomph your spells and charms will have. Now, the day of the full moon is actually a time of maximum magickal power. This is an all-purpose lunar phase, so get in there and start casting! The full moon aligns with the Mother aspect of the Goddess; for example, Selene, Luna, Freya, Isis or Aphrodite.

—Ellen Dugan, Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick