Living Life As The Witch – Fixing The Mother Of All Screw Ups

Fixing The Mother Of All Screw Ups

No matter how well we research our facts nor how careful we try to be, we’re eventually going to screw up. It’s just a part of the human condition. And there’s no place our screw-ups shine more brightly than in the hexes and curses arena.

That’s because standing up for ourselves doesn’t always come easily. Most of us really do take an awful lot of crap before finally deciding to do something about it. And even the, we don’t get in a hurry. We go about our business, gathering the facts and exploring our options. We peruse the details with the same sort of attention we might exhaust on a multi-million dollar business venture. And then, when we’re sure that everything’s in order, we start the magickal process, feeling absolutely safe in fact that we’re completely justified in our actions and that our target (damn his rotten bananas!) deserves every shread we’re doling out, and then some. If we weren’t and he didn’t things would never have gotten to this point. So, we do our thing and go along our merry ways, never giving it a second thought.

But then one day, it happens. An ugly head breaks through the muck, stares us right in the face, and blinks. And we – those same folks who felt completely justified in damning that target’s rotten bananas-can barely catch our collective breath as we gasp in horror. For there, right in the eyes of the beast, we see our mistake: The target was undeniably innocent. He was never even involved in the fiasco that damned near ruined our lives. Instead, he was just another innocent bystander; just some good, old Joe who was in the wrong place at the right time. A good, old Joe who we forced to pay for someone else’s infractions with a close encounter of the very worst kind. And there we sit, shivering and shaking and wracking our brains, in a desperate search of some way to fix things, wondering how in the hell we could’ve been so wrong.

To start with, today’s world is an interesting place. With its high-fluid technology and far-flung virtual realities, some might even say that it’s nothing short of amazing. But living in such a world also has complications, the most problematical being that because things are seldom as they appear, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. Now take that problem and factor in a fact-finding mission, a little logic, and a few rounds of he-said-she-said and add them all together. I can nearly guarantee that the sum of those components isn’t going to be at all within the scope of reason. Reasonable or not though, it appears to be truth. And because it appears as such, we act on it as such-only to discover later that it was the most wretched mistake we ever made.

While that takes care of how easy it is to screw up-and hopefully, has illustrated just how important it is to factor in gut instinct as well as the facts-we still have a problem on our hands: How in the hell do we fix the mess we made? More to the point, though, is it even possible?

Fortunately, it is. Please understand though, that it won’t be easy, regardless of how simple the instructions appear. There’s absolutely no way to convey the degree of difficult involved in rectifying something like this. So, just be prepared to work long and hard, and as some effects can never be truly erased, be willing to repeat some steps you’ve already taken over and over to ease the problem is the need arises.



Excerpt from
“Reversing the Curse and Vexing the Hex”
Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
Dorothy Morrison


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