These Critters Are Just Tooo Cute Today, Check out Today’s Special Kitty!

Garfield, the Cat of the Day
Name: Garfield
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Scottish Fold
Home: Provo, Utah, USA
My kitten, Garfield is special in many, many ways. First of all, he came from a litter of Scottish Folds that my daughters mama cat had in April of this year. He came to live with us when he was about eight weeks old. From the very beginning I knew he would be a handful! He’s very curious and wants to be involved in everything. He’s definitely a people cat. He lovesto play and he will play for hours. He has this one thing that he does that is so darn funny when he’s playing he will jump on his hind legs and spread his front legs out as if he was doing ‘karate’… The karate kitty! lolGarfield has a very precious personality, as well. He likes to snuggle (usually when he’s tired and worn out from playing). He will put his little face into my face or my husbands face and gently ‘head butt’ while purring. He gives us butterfly kisses with his nose and all we have to say to him is “Garf, give me a kiss” and he will! He’s so cute and we love him so much.

One day he learned a new little game that he’s now wanting to play quite often. It’s where he puts his paws and his head between the staircase rails and patiently waits for one of us to walk up the stairs. Once we get close to the top where he’s waiting he will begin to bat our heads! It’s hilarious! He can also entertain himself for long periods of time with a bottle cap, hair tie, M&M wrappers, pretty much anything is appealing to him!

One other thing that he does that is somewhat unusual and I’ve never had any other of my cats do this is that when he’s eating his dry kitty chow he will gather up a few pieces in his mouth then he will jump over to my bed and spit them out, go back over to his dish and continue to do the same thing until he has a small little stash on my bed! No clue why he does this but it’s cute to watch him do it.