Daily OM for December 31st – Faith in the future

Faith in the future

It is not inherently difficult to be positive, though you can make it so  difficult that it is impossible for you. It is entirely realistic to have faith  in the future, though you can certainly convince yourself that such faith is  completely misguided.

When you do choose to live with positive faith, you’re able to journey  through life in the light rather than in darkness. You give the forward-looking  power of faith to your thoughts and actions.

Instead of being dismayed by the setbacks, you can be energized by them.  Instead of having the desire to give up, you’ll have the determination to give  more.

Your faith in the future enables you to be your best in the present. It is by  envisioning the positive possibilities that you begin to make them real.

Even when the whole world seems to be falling down around you, have faith.  Hold steadfastly to what is good and right, and create your future with  authentic goodness in your heart.

Live with faith, and engage the power of your own best possibilities. Live  with faith, and keep yourself connected to the affirmative side of life.

— Ralph Marston


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