Let’s Talk Witch – Witches & Prayer


Let’s Talk Witch – Witches & Prayer

If you have any religious practice, regardless of what it is, you should make a daily routine of praying. Every religious practice has its regular prayers, and these should be made a part of your daily routine as well. If you have no religious practice you should return to the religious practice of your childhood, and enter into it with new perception that it is actually valuable and worthwhile. If you grew up in a home with no religious practice you should look around and find one that is comfortable for you. Enter into the practice and use the prayers from that practice. If the practice uses prayers in foreign language, you should learn the language at least well enough to understand the prayers.

Popular opinion to the contrary, it really doesn’t matter which prayers you use or what form they take. What matter is whether or not you pray regularly. Prayer (and the attempt at praying) acts to stabilize and keep you protected from various forms of external influence.

True prayer is the most magickal act there is, and if you are in communion with the Divine, you live your life in a state of continual prayer. Prayer is a real force in the universe, and the process of learning how to pray is one of the most important lessons you can learn.

Being a Witch, you probably have mixed feelings about praying. But no matter how you feel and whether or not you call it praying, it is communicating with our Gods and Goddesses on a daily bases.