Daily Motivator for October 6 – You are successful

You are successful

You are successful at being you. Even if no one else acknowledges that  success, it is real and it is yours.

You can expand upon your success. You can improve upon that success.

You have endured every challenge that has come your way. Now you are in a  position to move forward in whatever direction you choose.

You are a survivor, and yet life is about so much more than mere survival.  You are a dreamer, and now is the time to live your dreams.

Give yourself credit for the success you’ve already created and for the value  you continue to create. Then give yourself a meaningful goal that is worthy of  the successful person you are.

See your success, feel your success, and make the commitment to build on it  right now. You are successful, and this is the moment to live and enrich your  success.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator