Your Monthly Tarot Card Forecast for September





Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: Sept. 2015

Emotional baggage, changes, and the will to move forward!

Brigit Esselmont

Hi, I’m Brigit Esselmont, professional Tarot reader and teacher! Today I have for you a very special Tarot card forecast for the month of September. What I’ll be doing is drawing three cards: one for the blessings of this month, one for the challenges of this month, and our final card for how we can make the most of the month ahead…

Blessings/Opportunities Card: Eight of Cups, Reversed

Now, the first card that I drew, for our opportunities, is the Eight of Cups, Reversed. You can see that there’s a man who’s turned his back on the eight cups and he’s decided to walk away from them, leaving behind the emotional stuff (so what we can see in those cups), the emotional baggage, I suppose, and deciding to walk away from that.

Now, in the reverse position, and knowing that this is about our blessing and opportunities this month, you may find in September it actually serves you well to let go of the stuff that’s disappointing you recently.

Challenges Card: Death, Reversed

With our challenges, we’ve got the Death card, Reversed. It does look like quite a scary card with the figure of Death on the horse, but it’s really about death and transformation. And when it’s appearing in the reverse position, and particularly when it’s appearing as a challenge, what I see coming out with this card is that there may be some resistance to change.

Now with the Eight of Cups, Reversed, it’s important to walk away from something right now that has been disappointing. With the Death, Reversed card there may be some resistance as you go along, with that. So really have a think about, “What, right now, during this month, is changing for me? What skin am I shedding? What parts of myself do I need to let go of, in order for something new to grow?”

Maybe there’s a really good outcome if you can leave behind something that’s no longer working for you. So just really tune into any feelings around resisting change.

Recommendation Card: Two of Pentacles

For our card for how we can make the most of this month, we’ve got the Two of Pentacles. And you can see this guy, juggling coins, and it’s almost like he’s doing a bit of a dance. And it’s about just the stuff of life, the day-to-day demands, about managing your To Do list. This card’s just saying to you, “Keep on top of your affairs, keep on top of your money, keep on top of your responsibilities.” Set out a plan if you need to — schedule for the month ahead — and that will help to balance things out.

At a deeper level, remember, you are dealing with some big changes, and the opportunities are about leaving behind something that’s no longer working, and at the some time making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Embrace all of that change and transformation that is surrounding all of us, and make the most of it!

I look forward to connecting with you again for our next month’s forecast. is A Daily Insight Group Site