January 10 – Daily Feast

January 10 – Daily Feast


When something in our minds rings a bell that warns us, we do well to listen. What is it that wants to lure us away from the chose path? Is it not from the good side? Then, run like a rabbit! Every one of us has a sounding board, as testing place that detects the way we are moving. Like a compass, it points the right way – and we are foolish not to understand – gohlga. To ignore the impressions that are within us is like trying to go through a door, but refusing to use the doorknob. It is one thing to be dense and another to be willfully determined to get lost in the wilderness. Listen to the alarm system. It is there for a good reason – and later on we won’t have to say that something told us not to go a certain way and we didn’t listen.

~ He hears voices other do not hear; sees visions that confirm his dreams. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

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Oh, What A Mug! Doggie of the Day for March 9th

Léo, the Dog of the Day
Name: Léo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: English Bulldog mix
Home: Québec, Canada
We got Léo a year ago; his previous family did not want him anymore as they didn’t have time for him. Poor Léo was tied all day long in the house and was described as too excited …

But since then, he has made our family life even better than it was. What makes Léo so special? First, the special bond between him and the children. Right away he started sleeping with my five-year-old son and every morning they cuddle each other before waking up. He was there when the now 18-year-old was feeling sad and needed a nonjudgmental presence: they became really attached to each other. We could say he tamed our eight-year-old daughter into loving dogs … and many of our children’s friends since then. There is just something special about him and children; first, his unique features makes them laugh so much! Even after one year, we laugh at the faces he makes, the sounds he does, and his little routine (every morning his finds his ray of sun, sit on his bottom, close a bit his eyes and enjoy the sun for at least half an hour!).

Léo is not good at doing tricks, he does not come all the time when we call him, but he is special because he made our family complete. He has given us memories the children (and we) will cherish all their lives. He gave us much more than what we expected; 100% pure love, a true confidant, a constant presence and filled our house with even more laughter!