Quiz of the Day: What is Your Place in Nature?

Your Place in Nature? – Quiz

Humanity evolved from the heart of Nature. Day by day, season by season,  generation after generation, human lives were linked inseparably to the cycles  of the living world. Like the heartbeat of a great Mother, the rhythms and  workings of the natural world imprinted themselves into every cell of our  bodies. We knew our place within the whole and developed spiritual beliefs that  honored our independence within the vast network of sibling species.

For eons, the idea that humanity could be separate from the rest of life was  essentially incomprehensible. Only in the past few hundred years have our minds  fully embraced these concepts that tear us from the embrace of our broader  family. The new myth is hard. By keeping us from recognizing the Earth as our  natural means of support, it engenders in us a feeling of abandonment.

How do you perceive the living world around you? How do you view nature? Take  this quiz and find out:

As you consider each question, jot down your responses. Be brief. The point  is not to have everything all polished and exact – it is to get you thinking.

1.  How would you define Nature? What is your personal relationship with it?

2.  What is humanity’s relationship to Nature?

3.  What do you like most about the natural world? Which plants and animals  are most important?

4.  What do you not trust about the natural world? What aspects of it scare  you? Which animals or plants would you consider “bad?”

After taking this quiz step back. Create some distance between yourself and  the mainstream consciousness. Work with your beliefs. As you begin to see the  world more clearly, you’ll have an opportunity to observe your own beliefs with  greater objectivity. Feel your connections. The very best way to demonstrate the  illusion of separation is to gain some first-hand experience of just how  connected you really are. Then, when you hear messages that try to convince you  that you’re isolated, they won’t have any power. You’ll already know the truth  because you’ve felt it in your body.

Your Animal Spirit for August 18 is Turtle

Your Animal Spirit for Today
    August 18, 2013



Turtle carries his home on his back, and his question to you today is whether your life is weighed down with “things” that serve no purpose. Everyone loves buying stuff, but do you use shopping, spending, and the acquisition of “things” as a substitute for passion, conviction, commitment?  It’s worth thinking about, isn’t it?

Pagan Events – Aug. 17 thru 19 – Brushwood’s Women Weekend

Brushwood Women’s Weekend
The following was taken from their Facebook page. You can either check it out yourself for more info or visit their website, http://www.brushwood.com/

Brushwood Women’s Weekend

Public Event · By Brushwood Folklore Center LLC

Sherman, NY

Friday, August 19, 2011

Brushwood Folklore Center, 8881 Bailey Hill Road
Aug 19-21, 2011
$50 (overnight camping and Tea included)BRUSHWOOD HIGH TEA!!!
(limit 60)

*Telling Point – “Tribal Rock” –


*Women’s Sweat Lodge – Orientation Friday evening!
*Women’s Fire Circles
*Salted Silk
*Prayer Beads
*Hand and Foot Massage
*Opening and Closing Circles
*Wagon Rides, Hiking Trails, Pool, Showers, Hot Tub, and more…
Watch for updates!

Oh, What A Mug! Doggie of the Day for March 9th

Léo, the Dog of the Day
Name: Léo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: English Bulldog mix
Home: Québec, Canada
We got Léo a year ago; his previous family did not want him anymore as they didn’t have time for him. Poor Léo was tied all day long in the house and was described as too excited …

But since then, he has made our family life even better than it was. What makes Léo so special? First, the special bond between him and the children. Right away he started sleeping with my five-year-old son and every morning they cuddle each other before waking up. He was there when the now 18-year-old was feeling sad and needed a nonjudgmental presence: they became really attached to each other. We could say he tamed our eight-year-old daughter into loving dogs … and many of our children’s friends since then. There is just something special about him and children; first, his unique features makes them laugh so much! Even after one year, we laugh at the faces he makes, the sounds he does, and his little routine (every morning his finds his ray of sun, sit on his bottom, close a bit his eyes and enjoy the sun for at least half an hour!).

Léo is not good at doing tricks, he does not come all the time when we call him, but he is special because he made our family complete. He has given us memories the children (and we) will cherish all their lives. He gave us much more than what we expected; 100% pure love, a true confidant, a constant presence and filled our house with even more laughter!