Specific Methods of Psychic Protection

Specific Methods of Psychic Protection


1) Heal the aura. The best thing to do this is to go to a reliable healer who should be able to do the job easily.

2) Clear the atmosphere. Use pomegranate leaves or a small brush to sprinkle consecrated salt water all over the house or that particular room. The consecration can be simply done by saying a prayer or repeating an invocation while the salt water is being prepared. This is done by sprinkling a spoonful of salt into a bowl of water. While doing this and while sprinkling the ‘holy’ water onto the walls of the house, repeat your prayer or invocation.

3) Break contact with troubling forces. Move to a new environment with a new set of clothes and with as little belongings as possible. If moving house is not possible, change your room. If you cannot change your room, change the direction of the bed. In moving to a new abode, it is better if one can cross running water (river or sea), as this will help by throwing off the scent of the attacker, but a spirit can still follow you. After arriving at the new place, bathe in salt water while chanting an invocation or prayer at the same time. Do it like a ritual. After this, strengthen your aura once again.

4) Disposal of belongings. Personal belongings such as clothes, shirts, jacket and raincoats etc should be sunned in the open for 3 days before giving them away. Similarly, furniture, chairs and mattresses should also be sunned for 3 days before they are disposed off. Of course hairs, nail clippings, handkerchiefs and menstrual pads should be burnt. Similarly, night soil, urine, sperms and blood material should be meticulously dealt with, because they are all magnetized objects.

5) Ancillary measures. Small quantities of consecrated salt water or nitric acid in small saucers should be left all over the room or house. These are changed every few days. Whole cloves of onions and garlic may also be left in the room for human and non-human visitors. They should also be burnt after some time.

6) Magic Circle. Before one sleeps, imagine a Ring of Fire around the bed in a clockwise fashion (deosil). Do the same to your companion’s bed. Then white light both beds at once.

7) Pentagram. This is performed as according to the diagram. Start with the right hand down across at the level of the left hip. The next step is to move the hand upward to the center above the head with the 1st and 2nd fingers pointing to the heavens. Then move the hand down again to the right hip. Then swing your hand across to the level of the left shoulder with the fingers pointing to the left. Then, cut across with the hand ending at the right shoulder with the fingers pointing away from the body. Lastly, swing the hand across and down to the left hip again. This pentagram will banish all thought forms, elementals, nature spirits and ghosts. As with white lighting, the pentagram can be use to protect our cars, houses, pets and loved ones

8) Green pyramid. This is another form of visualization that can protect us from offending intruders. Either lie or sit down and go into silence, i.e. withdrawing from all external thoughts. Then visualize that you are encased in a green pyramid, whose base is beneath your floor, and the apex is above your head. Make sure that the sides of the pyramid are firmly attached to the base, and tightly converged at the apex. If you need to move, attach wheels to the pyramid, and if you want to look out, create a window. Then open your eyes to survey your surroundings. Finally, you may either go into meditation or sleep, and you can rest assured that the pyramid remains intact. Similarly, you can encase your car, house, and loved ones with a pyramid. This pyramid will prevent any intrusion from all sorts of predators.

9) Protecting the solar plexus. There are 3 methods you can protect your 3rd chakra. Firstly, close all your chakras, except the 7th. Then put a sheet of glass around your solar plexus, when you are interviewing someone, who is sapping your energy. You can still talk, but you will not be sapped. Secondly, you can create a brick wall around you. In this instance nobody can communicate with you. Lastly, like in the cowboy films, press your elbows to your sides and put your both hands in front your solar plexus with both thumbs hitch onto your belt or top of your trousers. In these instances, the person in front of you will not be able to absorb your energy.

10) Gazing. When you are facing a potential attacker, do not gaze into his eyes. Look at his 3rd eye, i.e. the middle of his forehead between his two eyes. When you just concentrate on his 3rd eye he has no power over you.

11) Occult Police. Imagine a black Calvary cross on a circle of scarlet background at your 3rd eye. A Calvary cross is one, which the vertical line is longer than the horizontal line. Then call for help. Either your own guide (guardian angel) or the roaming spiritual ‘police’ will come to your aid.

12) Mirrors. If you are worried that your house will be attacked put small mirrors at every window facing outwards. If you know that a colleague in your office is sending you negative or hate energy, put a small mirror facing him on your desk. The hate energy will revert back to the sender.

Not all the ancillary methods will work for you. However choose one, and try it out. If you fail, try another. If you find one that works with you and you are comfortable with it, stick to that one. However, the most powerful ones are the general measures, through which most attackers cannot penetrate, unless the offender is a very experienced occultist.


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