Your Ancient Symbol Card for February 21 is The Cat

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Cat

The Cat represents the need for stealth and the freedom to act without restrictions. Acting stealthily in no way implies the need for underhanded behavior. Instead the suggestion here is to move quietly towards your goals and reach out for them when they are within range. It also denotes a need to free yourself from restrictions imposed by others.

As a daily card, The Cat suggests that the opportunity to attain your goals is very strong at the moment. However, you need to keep your intentions to yourself and shed whatever limitations have been put on you by others.

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Ok, Who Sent In Their Familiar’s Pic, lol? Special Kitty of the Day for March 11th

Morli, the Cat of the Day
Name: Morli
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Cat
Home: Glauchau, Germany
This is my cat Morli. She is a beautiful domestic cat. Her fur color is black, with some white hairs. She loves to cuddle. Most of the time, she is with me on the sofa. Morli is a very shy cat. In summer she catches mice and birds often, and is a good hunter in our garden. She is afraid of other animals, though, very afraid. She likes to sharpen her claws, but always does it on a tree. Morli is very clean and grooms often. She loves to sleep in her basket in the basement, when I am not home to be on the sofa with her. I love Morli.