Happy & Blessed Thursday, my dearest friends!

Happy Thursday, guys! How ya’ll doing today? I see how you are now. I put up the post about being over at The Apothecary for awhile. You ought to have seen the likes that came in on that post. Yeah, I know how you are now, lol! Just kidding! I am hoping you liked the post because you are anxious to get some goodies (fingers crossed).

Thank goodness, I am not running that late. But still late. I had to get into some html codes and that runs into time. That is why I get to do anything involving html. Everyone around claims they don’t know a thing about them. I am beginning to wonder, huh?!!? I might start teaching them. That would blow their minds, lol!

Anyway, enough bull, let’s get down to business. What’cha say?

 Have a terrific & blessed day,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Good Wednesday Afternoon, my dearest of friends!

Good Wednesday afternoon, dear friends! I am pooped! Feeding baby bobcats every two hours. When are you suppose to get any sleep? They are cute and adorable. I feed them and then I play, and I play some more. Next thing I know, it is 45 minutes away from the next feeding. Oh, boy, playing a Mother Bobcat is rough, rough, rough (oh, excuse me that’s a doggie, lol!). But very rewarding.

So let’s get on with the show………

Today’s Affirmation for Wednesday, August 22

Our relationship is like a gardener’s microclimate. If the conditions are right, both of us will grow healthily. I will nurture the ground to the best of my ability.

Today’s Thought for Wednesday, August 22

The pleasure of all reading is doubled when one lives with another who shares the same books.

Katharine Mansfield

(1888 – 1923)

Today’s Meditation for Wednesday, August 22

Journey into Space

As a relationship grows, every so often embark on an imaginary space trip to keep your individuality intact. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as an astronaut. You will be in orbit for a  month. You are floating thousands of miles from your loved one, spending nights alone, eating good alone. You feel lonely at times – but you know that this is important work. Get used to the feeling of separation. Next time you see your loved one, you can enjoy a great reunion!

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