Good News for Us, Bad News for You, Sorry……..

I am sure everyone that has been following our site knows about the fire we suffered, plus a tree falling on the older half of the building. You also know I have been pulling my hair out dealing with contractors.

The good news is that I found a contractor to do the roof. I opted to go with a metal roof. Hopefully we won’t have any problems with it for the next 50 years, lol! My luck at least 20! The roofers have now finished and the roof looks awesome. Today, the painters have showed up to paint the inside of the building. The insurance adjuster (who has been absolutely great) insisted on the entire building being painted. So that is what is happening today. Due to this fact, we can’t very well get today’s publication out and have the painters paint over us. I hope you understand. Besides we have a new computer or two and I don’t won’t paint on them at all. So we have decided to vacate the office(and take the computers with us) and let the painters have it. If they get finished early, we will be back on to do some postings. But if not, we will see you tomorrow.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause some. But it is one of those circumstances that is once again beyond our control.

Have a great day and a super weekend,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


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Good Tuesday Afternoon my dear family & friends! It seems like forever since I said that…

Friendship Comments & Graphics

Good Tuesday Afternoon, my dearest of friends and family. My life right now is so screwed up it is not even funny. And if my life is screwed up it just causes a ripple effect on down the line. Everyone knows about the refuge fire we had. If that wasn’t bad enough, we had a storm rip off half of its roof and also the food storage building. We were up in the storm covering the food building like wild witches. We did good, we didn’t lose much food at all, Just a handful or two. The old 200 year old barn, would you believe, is standing not a shingle, plank or board missing!

Then in this same storm, my house’s roof got tore completely off. We had to have an emergency tarp put over it also. I have dealt with the insurance adjuster. I have lost count of how many contractors. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my doctor’s appointment yesterday. He wants to start at my knees and replace every joint I have. But I would have to go to another doctor for that. Then after I left his office, I had to go see my regular doctor because my blood pressure was through the roof. She adjusted my medicine got me back on my migraine medicine and I have to back to her in a month. She wants to do a complete work up on me. Yesterday was shot to hell again.

Than today, I have been on the phone with everybody and their brother. Four more contractors that I know of.  One of them was suppose to call before he came out, bull. I had the front door open. I guess that said “come on in, ya’!” He didn’t knock or nothing just walked right on in. Loved it! Kiki nailed him at the front door. I actually got an estimate I like. I have two tomorrow and two the next day, maybe this prices will start to get better I hope. One of them wanted $6000.00 to put a roof. Gee, like what are you doing building a steeple up there or something?

I know you all know I am married. But I am married to the laziest man in the world. He can sit back and tell you what to do. But if you tell him to do, why it is like you asked him to kill somebody. He knew we got the insurance check to fix the house. He threw a fit about not cashing it because that might not be enough to pay for everything. Then we will have to do this and do that. I finally got so tired of hearing that, I just shove everything into a large envelope. I handed the envelope to him. He looked surprised and wanted to know what I expected him to do with it.

I politely replied, “shove it up your a*&, I don’t care.” He personality has changed since the wreck he had. I have tried my darnest to be nice, calm and patience with him. But those days are over. Everything is lovely as long as things are going his way. Then I found out a few months ago, he cursed my car. Yes, you heard right, he cursed my car were it wouldn’t run. I didn’t talk it over with him before I bought it. That pissed him off. I never have talked over anything I have bought. Why start now? Than he turned around the other day because he knew I was boiling and said, “we will probably get my car fixed.” I told him I hope we did. I wanted him to lay down in the driveway and I would run over him. He’s got both of the kids were they won’t call, come around, email or anything. I miss them to death. I have just had it. He can act so pitiful at time. Especially when he doesn’t know where I am going. But I have thought long and hard about it. I am not spending the rest of my life miserable. When the tax money comes in, this witch is flying the coup! So look out world, there will be a wild red-headed witch on the loose, ha, ha,  ha!

Note: I have a rule I never cast spells or rituals against blood relatives. Of course, you can see they don’t have the same curiosity.

And last but least, poor Kiki has been sick all day. She gets sick all she wants for me to do it hold her. I finally got her calmed down and gave her some medicine. I am hopeing she is asleep now. Just checked yes she is. Good, she needed the rest.

Well sorry this was a gripe and complaining note but I just want to let you know my life is a whirlwind right now. And I didn’t even mention the poor pitbull that needs his meds every 4 hours. My plate right now is overflowing. I am sorry for all the tormoil but there is nothing I can do about it, unless I learn how to roof, lol!

I have got a very things to blog about today. So I am going to get my rump busy. Just have a little patience and enjoy the roller coaster ride, lol!

Love ya,

Lady A