The Witches Magick for the 4th Day of the Barley Moon – Marigold and Sunflower Faery Magick



This is the time when flowers are in bloom and the energy of faeries is everywhere. In this spell you are creating a faery circle as a way of bringing this fluorescent energy into your life.

You will need a pot of marigolds and thirteen sunflower seeds.

Place the pot of marigolds in a sunny location. Call to Mari, Queen of the Faeries, to protect and give life to the flowers:

Queen Mari, give life to this flower

That bears your name and glows

with your divine fluorescence.

Place the thirteen sunflower seeds in a circle around the marigolds. As you do so, call out to the faeries:

Marigolds and sunflowers,

Spread the magic of faery powers.

Care for the flowers during the month of the barley moon, making sure to give them the care and attention they need to thrive.



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Sirona Knight