Potion for Inducing Slumber


2 oz. Agrimony
Pinch of Belladonna
Root of Mandrake
2 oz. Cinnamon
1 oz. Peppermint
4 oz. Chamomile

Potion of the Day – Special Mixture of La Pompadour

Truly Lustful Potion – Special Mixture of La Pompadour

La Pompadour was the deep love of King Louis XV, and her spirit can still be felt in the walls of Versailles. She organized
festivities, suppers, and shows to entertain the King. But more than that…what were her little hidden secrets?

Prepare the following aromatic mixture in a 1-oz bottle. Pour the essential oils first and then add your massage oil. Massage
the potion on the spine, the sacrum (lower back), abdomen, and heart. Anoint a few drops along the neck (almost behind the ears).

· 5 drops Rose otto
· 7 drops Jasmine
· 10 drops Orange
· 10 drops Mandarin

Copyright Françoise Rapp