Natural Remedy To Cure Hay Fever

Natural Remedy To Cure Hay Fever

Hay fever affects approximately 15-20% of the population every summer. Itchy, watering eyes, runny nose, sore throat and sometimes an unpleasant headache, are difficult to cope with, whatever your circumstances. Summer-time exams, particularly, are a nightmare for those who suffer from severe symptoms.

As well as conventional remedies for hay fever, there are also some very effective nutritional and homeopathic alternatives that have proved extremely successful in controlling hay fever.

The nutritional approach:

Nutritionists take the approach that hay fever is an indication that the immune system is not working properly and that the digestive system is failing to absorb nutrients effectively. Nutritional suggestions that can make quite a difference include:

1. Cut out caffeine, refined sugar and if you can manage, dairy products from your diet for one month.

2. Some hay fever sufferers have also benefited from cutting back on wheat products.

3. Step up your intake of calcium rich foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, live organic yoghurt and soy milk.

4. Add extra garlic to your food or take a daily garlic capsule.

5. Vitamin C has antihistamine properties, so increase your intake to at least 500-1000mg per day.

6. Eating one teaspoonful of honey a day, before the hay fever season starts, is effective in reducing those unpleasant symptoms.

The homeopathic approach:

Homeopathic treatment for hay fever is most effective if you start in winter when no symptoms are in evidence. You can buy remedies, over the counter, such as:


Nux Vomica

Allium Cepa



All the above help to reduce or eliminate hay fever symptoms. However, research has shown that they can achieve only a 25% success rate compared with a 75% success rate if the sufferer consults a homeopathic practitioner. A homeopath will treat the whole person and work out what makes an individual particularly hypersensitive to pollen.

If you are a hay fever sufferer, why spend the summer months hiding indoors? Try some of the above alternatives. They are harmless and in many cases, extremely successful.