Calendar of the Sun for October 22nd

Calendar of the Sun

22 Winterfyllith

Baphomet’s Day

Color: Black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of black set one black candle and one white, on either side of a statue of Baphomet. Lay there also bones, horns, rods for whipping, a knife, needles for pricking, a jug of liqueur, and cakes in the shape of hermaphroditic genitals.
Offerings: Blood, a drop apiece wiped onto the statue. Pain. Sacred sex is also a good offering for this day, but it should be of sex that is challenging to the participant.
Daily Meal: Meat.

Invocation to Baphomet

I am Baphomet, Rex Mundi,
Lord of Perversion, Child of Earth,
Sacred Abomination, Secret warrior,
Survivor of the great purge,
Baphe Metis, baptized in wisdom,
Wounded in the service of Earth from which I sprang
And to which I was not allowed to fall.
I am the sacrifice that Death refused;
I am the one who must live on wounded.
What they throw away I save,
What they devalue I hold holy,
What they tread underfoot I raise up,
What they cast off as ugly decorates my holy raiment,
What they fear becomes my weapon.
I am both man and woman,
I am filled with lust for both man and woman,
Your body is my chalice, let me drink of you.
I hold nothing more valuable than flesh and humus
I hold nothing holier than earthly desires.
When the Mother was silenced, I alone heard her cries.
When the Great God Pan was declared dead, I alone lived on.
When the Most Sacred and Holy Mystery
Was stripped and driven through the marketplace
I alone was secret and apart.
All lonely places are sacred to me.
Let my wisdom be the staff in your hand.
I am Baphomet
And you have much to learn.
(Share and eat the cakes and wine, shed blood as libation, and all shall go off to endure ordeals of their own choosing.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Sept. 29th is The Hawk

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Hawk

High flying and courageous Hawk uses his sharp vision to see all aspects of the world below him in minute detail. He is gifted at taking in all he sees and quickly creating a powerful plan of action. The Hawk suggests that while a broad view of the situation should be taken, the details cannot be overlooked. The Hawk calls for authoritative action based upon a thorough understanding of the circumstances.

As a daily card, The Hawk indicates your vision may be too limited from your current vantage point. You should step back far enough from the situation to see the “big picture.” Then study the details and act commandingly on what you have learned.

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Sept. 2 is The Hour Glass

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for Today

The Hourglass

The Hourglass is a gentle reminder that time passes and with it goes opportunity. Every moment is a moment we cannot retrieve or relive, and there are no guarantees that what we put off today really can be done tomorrow. The Hourglass urges us to make every second of our lives as rich and fulfilling as we possibly can.

As a daily card, The Hourglass suggest you may be allowing opportunities to pass you by. If you’ve been procrastinating or putting too much of your precious time into activities with no lasting value to you, now is the time for you redirect your energies into actions that will enrich your life.