Divining Love (Snow Moon)

Divining Love

(Snow Moon)
This spell utilizes the ancient art of dowsing to answer your questions regarding love.
You will need two seventeen-inch lengths of wire and two five-inch hollow tubes. Copper wire works best with copper tubing as the holders. If nothing else, you can use metal coat hangers and straws.

Bend the wires into “L” shapes, with the long arm being twelve inches and the short arm five inches. The holders go around the short end. The wire should move freely around in the holder.

Hold the wire rods in each hand, outward from your waist, and take a deep breath in and out and say:

May the Goddess bless these divining rods as a true and clear oracle.
Now think of a question regarding love and state it aloud three times. The rods should start parallel to one another. As you ask your question, watch what the rods do. If they open up, it’s a positive answer to your question. If they cross one another, it’s a negative response to your question.