Giving Thanks to the Goddess

Giving Thanks to the Goddess


When I ponder what you have done for me, in me, and what you are doing and will; I could thank you continuously and eternally but the words would fall so insignificantly off the edge of space – for they do not even begin to
describe the bliss you bring with even your slightest of blessings – truly the slightest thought of you.

“I Love You” is the reflex that pours forth from my lips whenever you draw my attention – truly when I give you my thanks, for my love for you envelops
my gratitude – but even in this the language is less than a shadow, as
insignificant as three grains of sand to the bottom of the ocean compared to
the depth, fullness, and power of my absolute devotion, dedication,
affection, and awe for you; and I am ever grateful that you, my magnificent
All, have shown me how to express it to you in ways that language cannot.

For I am consumed with you, M’Lady. My every thought of you brings me great joy, more than most can fathom; and your bliss grows sweeter every day. I am ecstatic as I sit in your presence, bask in your beauty, your glory and love – ever dazzled by the mere thought that one could find himself in the
presence of such a splendid Goddess as you, that you could even exist in
such splendor, and that you would be my Goddess and shower such favor upon me.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for it all. Every moment, every smile,
every blessing, every lesson, every meet, and your every touch is the very
essence of love to me. You are my heart and soul. May my life, now and
forevermore, be a delight to you.