WOTC Extra(b) – Your Self List

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Your Self List


Make a list of your ideas about yourself. Consider your physical qualities, mental abilities, talents, job, relationships, lifestyle, and so on. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What things do you feel comfortable with, and which would you like to change?

Look at all areas of yourself. Make “plus” and “minus” categories if you like. Are you good at managing time? Do you have pretty eyes? Are you a skilled cook? Are you compassionate, a good listener, a loyal friend? Are you overweight? Are you always late for appointments? Do you buy things you don’t need to make yourself feel better? Are you impatient, judgmental, or lazy? It can help to also examine where the negative ideas you hold about yourself originated.




The Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells
Skye Alexander


Magickal Herbs Used for Healing/Health


    * ( to promote:)

    * Adder’s Tongue
    * Allspice
    * Amaranth
    * Angelica
    * Apple
    * Balm, Lemon
    * Balm of Gilead
    * Barley
    * Bay
    * Bittersweet
    * Blackberry
    * Bracken
    * Burdock
    * Calamus
    * Carnation
    * Cedar
    * Cinnamon
    * Citron
    * Cowslip
    * Cucumber
    * Dock
    * Elder
    * Eucalyptus
    * Fennel
    * Figwort
    * Flax
    * Gardenia
    * Garlic
    * Ginseng
    * Goat’s Rue
    * Golden Seal
    * Groundsel
    * Heliotrope
    * Hemp
    * Henna
    * Hops
    * Horehound
    * Horse Chestnut
    * Ivy
    * Job’s Tears
    * Life Everlasting
    * Lime
    * Mesquite
    * Mint
    * Mugwort
    * Myrrh
    * Nettle
    * Oak
    * Olive
    * Onion
    * Peppermint
    * Pepper Tree
    * Persimmon
    * Pine
    * Plaintain
    * Plum, Wild
    * Potato
    * Rose
    * Rosemary
    * Rowan
    * Rue
    * Saffron
    * Sandalwood
    * Sorrel, Wood
    * Spearmint
    * Thistle
    * Thyme
    * Ti
    * Tobacco
    * Vervain
    * Violet
    * Willow
    * Wintergreen
    * Yerba Mate

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‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for October 20th


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Why is it that we require so much scientific proof for the most ordinary things these days, when the very fact that we lie down and close our eyes at night is the highest proof that God’s world is in order. Though perhaps our personal world may not know such sequence. There comes a time when our human limitations insist that we lay down our questions and accept by faith the only way to survive ourselves.

There are those who say they must have tangible evidence that the world and all its wonders be displayed before their eyes to see in wisdom the way things really are. And yet who said the human eyes could see or ears could hear more than one tiny bit of the wonder. Who could be so bold as to believe their senses were strong enough to know, except through faith.

Who could see with the visible eye the hand that changes the seasons, or hear Job’s stars that sang together at dawn. Who set the day at rest and brings the morning in all its newness.

Only so far…..then explanations know no more…..and though we try to disbelieve when all goes wrong, there comes a time when we want no more explanation than that God’s world is in order – and we cannot change it.

Surely if someone took our hand and asked us to walk along the world and view the wonders so magnificently displayed….If by some miracle we could see the vastness of it all at once, and still bear up under the beauty of it….

If we can see the rolling rise and fall of the land – the purple, pink, and golden hues of shadows hung along the mountain sides….If our ears could hear the music of the rippling streams, the rushing waters, the graceful falls.

If by some mere chance we could sense the ebb and flow, the push and relaxing of the tides, the rise and set of the sun, the glittering stars and soft-faced moon that ignores the fact that other worlds encircle ours…..

And as the seasons sprinkle rain and flowers, golden leaves and snowfall…..On this continuous circle…..always new…..always beautiful…..

If we can see al this, how then, can we doubt that the earth that God created and saw as good is good. This is our land, and only our own forgetfulness of its source can make it different.


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By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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