Good Morning Dear Friends & Family! Please take a moment to read


One word for the day, BOYCOTT!!!


Hansel & Gretel, Witch Hunters

First time in my life I have ever called for the Pagan Community to “BOYCOTT” anything. This movie is a disgrace and Hollywood should been ashamed they ever made such a monstrosity. I guess they ran out of fictional vampires, werewolves and other dark critters to write about. Now they turn to US!

We are real people. This movie is discriminating against us. In fact, this movie will put us back a century or two. We are busting our butts to spread the truth about us and our Religion. Now here comes a movie that we know people are going to believe. How many old myths and stereotypes have we had to dispel thanks to Hollywood and their movies?

We cannot stand idly by and let Hollywood portray us in such ways anymore. We exists, we are individuals, we are not monsters. We have fought for centuries against such material as this movie. We have fought for our Religion and our voices to be heard. Perhaps we have fought to good, that is the reason for the movie?

The ribbon above, take it, spread it across the net. Let the world know we no longer stand idly by and accept being drug through the mud, disgraced and what, after a movie like this burned at the stake again!

Copy and paste or save the ribbon, put it on your site, blog, in your email, anywhere and everywhere! I am going to find out how to contact the movie company that made this movie. Then I intend to make my voice heard. I will then post their contact information and I ask that you join me in making your voice heard. Tell the world….


If my words do not make your blood boil then think about these words direct from the movie itself….

“Not all witches are bad.”

The reply,

“I Don’t Care, Kill Them ALL!”