Good Sunday Morning! May You Be Having A Blessed Day So Far!

Pentagram Book of Shadows

I know it is a little different for what we normal have as a graphic. I just wanted to share with you the one BOS that I actually love. I know Monday I am going to wrestle our supplier’s catalogue away from her, lol! Good luck on that, right? I love this one because of the pentagram. I am a pentagram freak. If it has a pentagram I have to have it. I guess I should say I am sorry for wasting your time with my wants. I had another motive for doing this. It is to promote the “Raffle for a Cause.” I know Lady A mentioned the lawn mower but the extra money raised will go for food and feed for the critters. I know she was a little bit on the upset side when she did the original post and forgot to mention that. I can tell you from personal experience, every dollar we receive goes to it designated area. If she mentions food, it goes for food. If she mentions hay, it goes for hay. Your money goes where it is suppose to.

Remember there is a minimum of $5.00 for a raffle ticket. The raffle runs through August 25th. I know money is tight, boy, do we know it! But you have to admit you are not going to get a brand new, blank, BOS for that amount anywhere. The books also contain paper. I know Lady A said something about throwing in a bottle of ink and a feather pen (that is still up in the air). She always does throw in something extra so that is a good possibility.

Here is the link to the Raffle.


Look the books over, make a bid and have some fun!

Have a Blessed Weekend,