Dragon Ring Code

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Dragon Ring Code

All throughout the Multiverse
The power is there to bless or curse
T’is balance of darkness and of light
That hold the Web threads ever tight.
Black chaos the dragons and those of Light     Locked in balance that is right.
The dragons’ code is very clear.
Each Ring should be for half a year.     From Apprentice to the Warrior Guard,
The way to be Mystic is long and hard.
All levels explored, all truth laid bare.
The students’ motives, pure as Air,
Must pass the test within the heart,
Before the Veil of Knowledge parts.
Dragon-trust he must earn, then wait
Until his teacher reveal the Gate.
Dragon magick, strong and old,
Requires the student to be bold.
Cast the numbners three times three,
For that is what the power will be
No dragon spell is weak or small,
For dragon magick conquers all.
Mystical Dragon Magick
Teachings of the Five Inner Rings
D. J. Conway

Your Ancient Symbols Card for December 24th is Western Dragon

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for Today


The Western Dragon

Unlike the beneficent Easter Dragon, The Western Dragon is a symbol of totally unleashed destructive power that is set upon anyone who crosses the Dragon’s path. The Western Dragon also hordes treasures that should rightfully be ours, and whose absence deprives us from being complete. The challenges set  before us by the Western Dragon are truly prodigious, because they denote a force whose sole intent is not simply to keep us from moving forward in our lives, but to usurp all that we have previously gained as well. What is even more disturbing about the force behind the Western Dragon is that it may well indicate primal forces in ourselves so powerful that they do in fact turn us into our own worst enemy.

As a daily card, The Western Dragon is a powerful negative force intent upon thwarting your progress. In such a short time frame it is most likely you’re being undermined by an external force–someone who wants what you have gained or gains your are near realizing. While formidable, this bellicose entity does have vulnerabilities. First, there is nothing subtle about the forces represented by The Western Dragon, so the source will be easy for you to identify. Secondly, The Western Dragon represents undisciplined, primal energies that aren’t easy to control, so they are susceptible to logical responses steeped in self control. In short, don’t panic, act deliberately and decisively, and you will weather this storm.