Precious Pup of the Day for March 28th

Henry, the Dog of the Day
Name: Henry
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Spaniel mix
Home: Forchtenberg, Germany
My dog has different colours and he has a soft coat. When he is curious, he holds his head tilted. So I like my dog. But he’s small, very small. In the winter he likes eating very much, so he is getting a little bit thick.

My dog is from Spain, and he’s a mixed breed. He can do lots of good tricks (give five, go slalom ). What I like about my dog is that he looks sooooo sweet and lovely. He’s a independent type. He goes in the forest and then he sniffs everywhere. He favourite game to play is the apple-game! I throw a apple and he runs and then he bites into the apple and he looks like he wants to say ” I think I’ll keep it …” Somentimes he brings back, though. He likes this game. He’s sooooo happy and funny. I like my little dog.