Let’s Talk Witch – Washes, Especially Those Used in Hoodoo

Let’s Talk Witch – Washes, Especially Those Used in Hoodoo


Spiritual people have used washes as a way of cleansing both the body and the soul for centuries. These spiritual washes can be used in the bath or shower and also to wash the house, home and floors.

Again the Hoodoo washes are all based on conjure oil ingredients. The herbs and roots are steeped in water and then sieved, although a simpler method, but possibly not so traditional, is to use oil blends and add a few drops to water to wash the floors or add them to the bath to become a personal spiritual bath.

Floor washes are used for all sorts of purposes – mopping the floor to bring in good fortune and luck or to wash away negative energies and evil in the main. They can also be used for love, protection and healing etc.

There is a process to follow: when you want to clean your house in the spiritual, removing negative energy sense (and actually as a by-product in the physical sense) you start from the top of the building and work your way down, also working from the back of the house to the front, finishing up on your front doorstep.

To bring positive energy and prosperity into your home you should make sure your front doorstep is scrubbed clean, working inwards towards the home.

For ritual bathing of your own body, it works best if you wash yourself upwards to bring good fortune and downwards to dispel negativity.

Herbal baths work very well, using the magical properties of specific herbs to bring about the intent that you require. A lot of Hoodoo herbal bath mixes use magical numbers of herbs such as seven, nine or 13 different ingredients.

Any water that has been used for spiritual cleansing should be disposed of by throwing it away to the East, preferably before the sun rises. You don’t have to lug bucketfuls of your used bathwater all the way outside to do this, you can use a small amount as a token.



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Patterson, Rachel