October 9 – Daily Feast

October 9 – Daily Feast

Never take on more than is yours to handle. When you are a caretaker by nature, it can appear that the whole world rests on your shoulders. Some of it does, of course, because no one is without responsibility. But when you begin to think you have to do it all, it is time to back off and reassess your position. Life is a matter of give and take – and if you try to do all the giving, someone is going to get the idea they don’t have to do anything. The only way they can receive is to give first. And if someone else does all the giving, there’s something amiss – and it may be you.

~ Our patience….is exhausted, and we are discouraged from persevering any longer. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Life As Today’s Witch – Does Cursing Make Me Evil?

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Does Cursing Make Me Evil?


It depends on your definition of evil, but in a conventional sense the answer must be, “yes.” In order to curse, we tap upon our inner darkness and bring it to the surface. When we tap into this inner darkness, we come face to face with a part of our selves that most people would rather not admit that they have. It is a fair statement to say, at least for the duration of time, that you are actively cursing someone, that you are a force of darkness in and of yourself.

If you chose to continue to hold onto this darkness, then you would be soundly evil, or you may choose to let it go at the time that the curse is completed, but you will never be the same again. There are people that feel that if you only curse someone that deserves it, that there is no long term effect I would advise them to think about when you release the Darkness, some of it always goes into you. Generally after a few successful curses, you will begin to find more and more people in your life that just so happen to deserve it. Chance? Not At All!

Daily Motivator for April 11th – The power of joy

The power of joy

See the things you do not as work, but as opportunities for joy. Put the  power of joy into the entirety of your day, into the whole of your life.

You can always choose your perspective, no matter what may be going on around  you. Living from a perspective of joy and positive presence gives you great  power to manifest that joy in the world at large.

Don’t limit the joy in your life by thinking of it only as something you must  find or acquire. See joy as one of the greatest gifts you have to give, to  yourself and to all of life.

You don’t have to live in a fantasy world or deny reality in order to be  joyful. Simply release joy from the limitations and conditions you have placed  on it, and it can always be a very real, and realistic, part of your  experience.

The place to always find joy is in your miraculous existence. Allow that joy  to flavor each moment, each situation, every effort and every choice.

Live your life with the power of real, true, uninhibited joy. And live the  great treasure that is always yours.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Warnings & Cautions For The New Wiccan or Witch

Warnings & Cautions For The  New Wiccan or Witch


If you’ve looked at this site at all, you’ve seen the wonderful things that happen when you begin following a Wiccan path. I’ve been asked to discuss the not-so-nice things that can happen. I’m not trying to scare anyone off, just give you enough information so you can make an informed decision.

The Shadows are out there:

They exist, in the invisible world that parallels our own, living creatures. Unlike creatures from our world, they lack physical form, and feed on energy instead of matter. They are as varied as the animal life on our world. They range in size (power) from the equivalent of insects and rodents to the equivalent of magically trained humans, and beyond to the Great Old Ones. (My land is inhabited by one of these-it gives the psychic impression of a mountain with legs. It is not unfriendly, but an elephant is not unfriendly toward ants either. I stay out of our woods when it is about.) I mentioned that these creatures feed on energy. Most are content to graze on the random energy fields that leak from humans and other creatures in our world. Others, however, are a little more sinister. These, the ones you have to worry about, I call the Shadows.

Shadows come in three basic varieties. First are the little ones that feed off the energy in negative emotions. If you are emitting strong negativity, they will be drawn to you like flies to rotten meat. If you aren’t magically protected, they will happily latch onto your energy field (aura) and snack on it. They are usually not much more troublesome than leeches or mosquitoes; however, a thousand leeches could weaken a person severely.

Next come the more dangerous variety, more like rats or vultures than mosquitoes. These are attracted both by negative emotions and the energy of magical workings. They are stronger, and can push past weak or flawed defenses to get to you. And they are much harder to peel loose once they have their teeth into you.

Last are the intelligent variety. Their favorite meal is human life energy, the ‘heart-fire’ that burns in each of us. They are relatively rare even in their own realm, but they exist. The terms ‘Imp’ , ‘Evil Spirit’ and ‘Demon’ are fairly accurate. They are very strong. The more intelligent ones are capable of working their own Magic to breach your defenses. The most intelligent variety , being as lazy as humans, prefer to talk you into dropping your defenses and linking your energy field to theirs. (“Open yourself to me, and I will grant you power beyond your wildest dreams.” Yeah, right.) They also are capable (if someone is helpful enough to open a doorway for them) of entering our world. Once here, if they can get past all your defenses unless you are very strong at warding. They can enter your body and feast at will, even asserting a degree of control over you. Yes, this is exactly like the old stories of Demon possession.

You – yes, you can be a Vampire:

There exist in this world evil creatures. They are highly intelligent, capable of working magic, and extremely devious. They are capable of not only psychic magical attacks, but physical ones as well. As a species, they tend to be amoral, murderous animals. I call them ‘humans’. Humans are also capable of ‘feeding’ off the energies of other humans- Herne (owner of this website) calls them “Psychic Vampires”. They do this to gain more magical power, to control others, or to replace the energies they are losing by dealing with the Shadows. Some humans can even do this while traveling astrally. So that Evil Spirit that tried to get into your last circle may not have been from the other side; it could have been your next-door neighbor.

Oops! Did I just do that?

Magic is an art form. Despite the best efforts of Ritual Magicians and Technopagans, it remains as unpredictable and powerful as the weather unless you are highly skilled and focused. Scientists studying weather prediction in the 1970’s discovered something amazing. Weather, they found, is so unstable as to be impossible to predict more than a day or two in advance. In fact, computer models suggested something they called the Butterfly Theory. It seems that the air disturbed by a butterfly taking off from a cactus in Mexico, if it happened at the right time and place, could in theory cause devastating storms and tornadoes in the U.S. Midwest. Magic is very similar. Each action we take, magical or mundane, has consequences that spread out from it like the ripples in a pond.

They spread out, touching everything- and reflect back to converge on the source. Be very sure, then, before you work magic, exactly what the consequences may be. Ask yourself, “If this spell backfires on me, and affects me instead of the intended target, can I live with the result?” Thus, I tend to use magic “only in direst need, and then must the cause be just” (author unknown).

Some Wiccans counsel about how rain on your fields could cause drought elsewhere. This might be true, if you are trying with your own personal power to ‘squeeze’ the rain clouds as they pass over. But asking the Lady and Lord for the blessing of rain for everybody’s crops is a different thing entirely. Selfish magic has negative consequences: Loving, giving magic only positive ones. For Selfishness is the true root of all evil. “I want it! Destroy the world, let Chaos take the universe, as long as I get what I want!” Be careful of what you ask, you just may get it…

Power corrupts:

So, you’ve studied hard, learned all about Wiccan magic, and now you find you can really do things. All the power of the Elements is yours to command. Love, money, power, respect- all these are yours. You are special. You are powerful. You are a God! Now, you must convince others to worship you, to lend you their energy so that your power can grow. But that’s OK, because you are a loving God, and you want only what’s best for your worshipers. And you know what’s best for them, for you know all, and see all. For you alone are God of this world you have created.

Can’t happen? Do the names Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon or David Koresh ring a bell? It is important to remember that the gift of magical power is just that- a gift from the Lady and Lord. It must never be abused. And glorifying yourself because of something lent to you is like showing up at your class reunion in a borrowed suit and a rented Jaguar. This reason and this reason alone is why you will not find the Council of this site posting or trading spells and rituals. We don’t hand out loaded guns here.


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