Money Doubling-Spell

This spell is representational and helps double any denomination of paper money that you have. You are asking that the money be increased so you may also use a herb which has this effect. You are also appealing to the highest authority in asking the Angels to help you

Items you will need

  • Paper money (preferably new and as much as you
  • can spare)
  • White envelope
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Wax to seal the envelope
  • Place the money in the envelope, along with the cinnamon powder, and seal it with the wax.
  • Fold the envelope, leave it in your sacred -space and say once, every day, for seven days:

Hear me, angels in your glory, Hear me now Zacharael. I see the need for the common good And ask for this to be increased.

  • Hold the envelope up, and perceive that it -feels heavier than it was.
  • Keep the envelope in your bedroom for -safety.
  • After you receive more money, open the -envelope, and share what was in the envelope -with others.

Zacharael means remembrance of God and is the-angel who reminds us not to be bound by material-concerns. For this reason, when we have truly-shown that we understand both the value and the-illusions associated with money we should never-go short.