Pre-October 2015 Energy Report – Day 2

Pre-October 2015 Energy Report – Day 2

It’s Day 2 of our pre-October energy work and today’s exercise is about energy expansion. In it you will learn how to expand your energy field — to a size you may not think was possible. The benefit of expanding our energy field is we create more space to receive more energy. You can find the link to this energy exercise below.

Exercise 2:  Energy Expansion Exercise

In this energy exercise you will learn how to expand your energy field because with an expanded energy field you can receive more energy, at higher frequencies. The bigger you can make your energy container, by learning how to expand your energy field, the easier it is to receive energy, and to manifest greater aspects of your potential because you can access the energetic frequencies and vibrations that make new opportunities possible for your reality.

Pre-October 2015 Energy Report

Pre-October 2015 Energy Report

The October 2015 Energy Report will be published on October 1, 2015. This month I’m doing something different to celebrate the end of September and usher in a new month, which also arrives with a new energy overlay.  Over the next 3 days you will find energy exercises here, designed to assist you in grounding, re-centering, and re-purposing your energies, to clear any residue that was brought up during September and release it so you can make the most of October’s expanded potential.

Exercise 1:  The Energy Grounding & Centering Exercise

This is a grounding exercise I first introduced in 2005 and it is very effective in grounding and balancing energy. With it you bring energy into your body from the earth and the crystalline matrix, combining them to form a protective shield of balanced and grounded light energy. You can use this Energy Grounding  Exercise any time you feel you need to re-ground, re-center, when you are feeling afraid, anxious, or need a little bit of extra energy support.