The Direction South & Its Correspondence


The Wheel of the South- Faith and Trust, Elusiveness, Innocence, Physical and Personal Vulnerability, Strength, Protection, Relationships with others, with self. with nature, Renewal, Self-Healing, Stress, Love, Courage

Element- Fire

Energy- Quick, Rapid, Fire.

The Journey- The Journey of Purification.

Traditional Colors- Red, Orange, Scarlet, Yellow, The blue of flame, Gold

Sacred Spirits– Bridget: Goddess of the inner flame of life and creation, Pele: Goddess of Purification and Upheavals, Mars: God of strength and conflict, Michael: Archangel of the South, warrior of the Sacred Flames, Djinn: Servant of Michael, great Fire giant, for protection, Salamanders: Elemental Spirits of Fire, ruled by Djinn, Adonai: Elemental King of Fire

Sacred Animals- Squirrels: Vulnerability and Delusiveness (relationships) tricky, Tigers and Lions: Stress, Courage, Porcupine: For Protection and to prick you into action. Defense, Badger: For Protection in Conflict. Defense, Coyote: For Protection in tricky situations. Vulnerability and Elusiveness, Fox: For Elusiveness and Innocence. Vulnerability, Hawk: For Protection and Relationships, Mouse: For Vulnerability and Elusiveness. Renewal and Self-Healing, Cats: For All sorts, for what Mark Twain called that “Mixture of Innoncence and sin.”, Bear: Physical Self-Healing

Rabbit: Renewal, Self-healing, Snakes: Protection, Possum: Renewal and Self-Healing

Sacred Items- Fire-forged items, Red feathers for courage.

Sacred Plants- Maple Tree, Nuts, seeds, pods (for relationships), Nut Trees for love, Cactus, thorn bushes, spiney plants for protection.

Purification Incenses- Sage, Clove, Thyme, Juniper, Cinnamon, Cedar

Guardian Incenses- Sweetgrass, Myrrh, Cedar, Frankincense, Dragon’s Blood Resin, Juniper

In the South We Work With- Protection: Establishing personal security, Love: Balancing the energies of our realationships, Self-Power: Developing our gifts of Strength, Purification: Cleaning our Self and Cleaning our Path.

Sacred Minerals- Pink Carnelian: For Kinships and relationships, Red Carnelian: For strength and protection, faith, Gold Amber: For clarity in relationships, Red Amber: For courage and faith, Blue Amber: For shamanic journeys of purification, inner flame, Yellow& Gold Flourite: For personal protection on journeys, Citrine: For clairty and purification, Fire Opal: For deep inner vision, physical purification and cleansing, Steel: For Strength in trials of life, Iron Ore: For courage and protection

Lava: For purification and upheavals, Smokey Crystal, Beach Sands, Gold, Copper, Pyrite, Textured or patterned Stones

Human World Helping Activities- Expressive art, Dance, Drama, Movement, Exercise, Physical Communication, Sensuality, Love, Western Body Awareness, Philosophies, Spirit Vibration

Helping Thoughts- In Innocence I am born, In Faith do I Grow, In Strength am I Purified, In Protection I walk.