Creating An Artificial Element


The elemental Spirits of Earth are the Gnomes.
The elemental Spirits of Air are the Sylphs.
The elemental Spirits of Water are the Undines.
The elemental Spirits of Fire are the Salamanders.

1- Decide on the purpose and do a divination to determine the outcome. If it is positive, proceed to number two.

2- Perform the Opening by Watchtower.

3- Imagine that you are the element which you wish to from into an artificial element. Hold your hands nine to twelve inches apart, palms facing each other. Now imagine a bottle or box between your hands. Next, as you exhale, visualize all of the element you are working with going out with your breath and being trapped in the container between your hands. Do this until the container is
literally bursting with elemental energy.

4- Take your hands away and let the container float in front of you. Pick up the tool associated with the element with which you are working. Put the end of the tool against the visualized container.
“I hereby name thee ________.
Go thou and do (whatever you wish it to do).
When you have completed this task, disperse and reunite with (name of element)
everywhere and harm none on your way.
If thou hast not completed thy task by (date and time), then disperse
nonetheless and reunite with (name of element)everywhere and harm none on your
So mote it be!
Be on thy way!”

5- Perform the Closing by Watchtower.