Your Ancient Symbol Card for Sept. 23 is The Open Door

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Open Door

The Open Door signifies the presence of new opportunities. However, to reap the benefits of these prospects you will have to move beyond where you are now–forsake the comforts and safety of your current life and head out in new directions. Moves like those symbolized by The Open Door require courage, because fresh opportunities signify the chance of gain, but do not guarantee they will be realized. Regardless of the benefits that may be reaped, with the transitions like those required to explore these new found opportunities, something is always lost. Before launching on a voyage down new paths it is a good idea to objectively assess your current state of being and decide whether what you have now is worth jeopardizing.

As a daily card, The Open Door indicates a time that is primed for you to pursue new goals and dreams. For you opportunity exists, but there are no assurances that they will lead to a richer life. Weigh your current circumstances carefully, and if you feel there is a more fulfilling path for you, then this is the moment for you to begin your walk down that path–the moment for you to walk through The Open Door before you.

Good, Good, Good Monday Morning, all my bright-eyed friends!

Goooood Monday Morning, my dears! How are you doing? I just wanted to drop you a quick note. Didn’t want you to think I had run off, lol! I am going to put today’s morning dailies on real quick. Then this afternoon (I hope earlier) I will finish out. I have to take hubby to the doctor this morning. Nothing serious, just a check-up after the wreck he had. In case you don’t know he had a man hit him in the driver’s side doing 70 mph. He was going to work, stopped at a stop sign and the man went off the road and hit him. It threw my husband out of my Explorer and he bounced 50 foot down the road. The door hinges on my Explorer busted off the frame that is how hard he was hit. Then the S.O.B. had the nerve to say he was only doing 25 mph, yeah right! That didn’t wash with the State Troopers.

But anyway, enough tragedy! I am going to get busy. I will see you later on this morning (keep your fingers crossed, lol!).

Have a fantastic Monday,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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