The Wicca Book of Days for Tuesday, November 10th – Manannan and the Bone Mother

Witchcraft(4 contest of the group)

November 10th

Manannan and the Bone Mother


The Dianic goddess Nicnevin(Nigh Nemhain), also known as the Celtic Bone Mother, is said to ride out on her broom on this night, bringing chaos, confusion and wild weather. A festival for the Celtic sea god Manannan Mac Lir, from whom the Isle of Man takes its name, is also held today. If the night is stormy and seas are high, it is said that instinctive behavior and emotions will prevail over rational thought, while lust will be easily inflamed and sexual passion highly favored, heightened if the moon is full.



On this night, when the subconscious mind come to the fore, your dreams may be especially vivid or significant. Keep a notebook by your bedside so you can note the details of your dreams upon awakening. Look up the content when you can consult a dream interpretation book.


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Selena Eilidh Ash