Daily Overview of Your Chinese Horoscopes for April 4th

Daily Overview of Your Chinese Horoscopes

April 4th

Take time to live, and put off ’til the next day what is essential only to your eyes. Do not take the advice of your nearest and dearest at face value. Refrain from splitting hairs, otherwise you may encounter unnecessary problems. Good sunshine in the amorous field; everything will favor the most perfect psychic and sensuous communications. Your will to win can make you succeed where others fail.

Daily Overview of Your Chinese Horoscopes for April 2nd

Daily Overview of Your Chinese Horoscopes

April 2, 2014


You can have good times with friends today. Give people you like genuine compliments and see how happy it makes them. People need to hear positive things about themselves. True things said by others can be healing. Try this out on more than one person. A frustrating situation can reveal new possibilities.



Daily Overview of Your Horoscopes for March 31st

Daily Overview of Your Chinese Horoscope

March 31, 2014


You may be rather overprotective or even jealous. It is not wise to give all your love to one person and not to others. Practice showing concern for each person you encounter. There is no reason to feel insecure, especially in a close relationship. Strive to maintain a balance.




Daily Overview of Your Chinese Horoscope

Daily Overview

The way is now open to you to successfully launch your various professional projects; in addition, your tremendous energy will help you move mountains! In society, you’ll show yourself affable and conciliatory; but in business you’ll be ruthless. Almost nothing will come to disturb your life and you may feel some boredom; well, if you want some excitement, then why not go and visit your mother-in-law?

An Overview of Your Daily Chinese Astrology for Nov. 21st

2013 The Year Of the snake

Daily Overview

If you feel that loneliness is burdening you or that nervousness is taking over, think of adopting a pet. Some problems with your neighbors: choose either conversation or silence instead of confrontation. Get out of your humdrum routine a little. Don’t be so touchy with your loved one; try to keep up harmonious relations. A new business venture appears to be advantageous, especially if you exert an independent or commercial profession.