Daily Motivator for July 14 – Whatever you can imagine

Whatever you can imagine

You are not your problems. You are not the world’s problems.

You are not your possessions. You are not your job title, your social  standing, your credit score or your bank balance.

You are a unique and beautiful spirit, immersed in a universe that’s  overflowing with abundance. You are a bundle of magnificent possibilities, with  the desire and the skills to fulfill those possibilities.

You are able to enjoy beauty and to give love. You can create joy where it  has not existed before and spread that joy far and wide.

You can brilliantly and successfully adapt and thrive in an endless variety  of situations. You can focus your awareness and your efforts to bring into  reality whatever you envision.

You are the wonderful and amazing person who can rise above all the pettiness  and succeed no matter what. You are whatever you can imagine, so always, always,  imagine the very best.

— Ralph Marston


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