Happy Tuesday, dear friends!

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Hee, hee, hee, that pic will either wake you up or scare that crap out of ya’! I am feeling a little devilish this morning. Our heater is not working and the house is on the cool side (I think it is comfortable). The cats are running like wild animals. Of course, at one time they were, lol! The smallest one can jump the love seat and not even touch the back of it. She is six months old and she stands as tall as my older cat. Her paws are bigger than his and her tail is twice the length. I think I adopted a cougar. I just hope I don’t never run out of food or else I will have to run like hell. When the older cat gets fed up with the baby, he runs and hops in my lap. I have him hopping off and on and the baby tapping me on the back. She does that when she wants to be held. During the day when she is ready to take her catnap, she comes over and hops in my arms and wants to be held like a baby. She stretches out, with her feet dangling, and I scratch her belly. Most of the time, this is during my daily postings when this happens. She hates the computer because I am suppose to only pay attention to her. She is a brat out of this world. Poor Kiki just stands on the bed and watches the free for alls. I love them all to pieces and I must say they are definitely entertainment. If you are bored, get you a pet. I can guarantee you, you will never have a dull moment again.

10 Feng Shui Tips for Increasing Love and Romance

10 Feng Shui Tips for Increasing Love and Romance

Prep your home for passion

by Stephanie Dempsey

Feng Shui practitioners believe that the best way to attract love is to adjust your environment accordingly. Dingy surroundings, piles of clutter, and self-absorbed artwork can actually drive Cupid from your door. Here, then, are 10 simple tips for finding your perfect mate… or for increasing the passion in your long-term relationship or marriage.

Create Cozy Seating Arrangements
Single chairs send a loud and clear message to prospective suitors and spouses: Back off! If you’re looking for love, create cozy seating arrangements from love seats, sofas, and chairs. Putting chairs at comfortable angles to each other will signal that you’re ready to welcome a relationship.

Replace Images of Lone Figures with Pictures of Happy Couples
Artwork has a tremendous impact on the subconscious. When you surround yourself with photos, paintings, sculptures, and knickknacks of solitary figures, you’ll carry yourself accordingly. Replacing such images with representations of happy couples will make you more receptive to love.

Keep the Television Out of the Bedroom
Nothing kills romance like the drone of late night television. If you have trouble falling asleep, try unwinding by reading love poetry or romantic novels. Your subconscious will shift accordingly, making you a virtual love magnet.

Treat Yourself to Sensual Bedding
That old ratty pillow from college and those serviceable sheets aren’t doing your sex life any favors. Go ahead and splurge on pillows, blankets, and sheets that invite you to linger in bed.

Downsize from a King to a Queen
Sleeping on a huge mattress won’t encourage intimacy. Invest in a comfortable queen-sized bed if you’d like to cultivate more love in your life. If you simply can’t make the switch, make sure to sleep on patterned sheets to add some zest to your sex life.

Make Space for Each Other
Avoid making your partner feel crowded out by your possessions by reducing your personal clutter in shared areas of your home, closets, drawers, etc. When you demonstrate you are willing to share your physical space generously with your partner, the space in your hearts can open up, too.

Pull Your Bed away from the Wall
Pushing your bed against the wall effectively crowds out any chance for love to expand in your life. Arrange your bed so that it has enough space to walk on either side. Before you know it, you’ll be cuddling close with your special someone, instead of hugging your pillow for comfort as if you were alone.

Make Your “Gua” a Shrine to Love
Using the front door of your home as a reference point, the far right corner of your home represents relationships and is known as the “Relationship Gua” in Feng Shui. Therefore, you need to keep this area intimate and inviting. A love seat illuminated with adjustable lighting is ideal for this special spot.

Keep the Family at Bay
Your bedroom represents your romantic life. Therefore, the last images you want to see here are photos of dear old Mom and Dad. Children’s artwork and toys will also undermine your sex life. Celebrate these relationships in other areas of your household, but keep your boudoir a private retreat.

Think Pink!
Warm colors like pink and red can enliven your love life considerably. Soft shades like rose, salmon, and coral can attract a gentle partner who is attentive to your needs, while bold colors like scarlet, crimson, and burgundy will draw a passionate adventurer to your side.