(Be careful how you use these)

Take three cords or strings of various, pleasing pastel colors- perhaps pink, red, and green- and braid them tightly together. Firmly tie a knot near one end of the braid, thinking of your need for love.


Next, tie another knot, and another, until you have tied seven knots.  Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your love.


After that, keep the cord in a safe place, or give to one of the elements- burn and scatter the ashes in the ocean or in a stream.

Calendar of the Sun for November 30

Calendar of the Sun

31 Blutmonath

Sigyn’s Day

Colors: Light pastel colors
Element: Air
Altar: Bedeck the altar with cloth of light pastel colors, upon which place candles of light colors, many flowers, graceful toys and dreamy figures, and a silver chalice of liqueur. In the center place a black cloth with a burnt wooden bowl full of ashes.
Offerings: Care for the wounded.
Daily Meal: Fasting today. Instead, bring food to those who need it.

Invocation to Sigyn

Long ago, the Gods quarreled with each other,
And there were many chained, and many slain,
And those who moved the pages of History
Had their say, and their screams.
Yet there are always those who screams
Are not heard, as History and its makers
Run them over. And so today we hail Sigyn,
Child-bride of Loki the Trickster who slew
The beautiful Baldur, son of Odin.
When Loki was scorned, you closed your ears.
When Loki fled, you followed.
When your children were slain, you cried out,
But none heard you save the weeping Earth.
When your beloved was bound by the body of your son,
And condemned to poison and pain,
You forsook all that you knew
And stayed with him, faithfully,
Doing what you could in a place of horror.
Lady of the Staying Power,
Innocent child-bride thrown into terror
Who survived, and grew stronger.
You who gather broken things to your breast,
You who understand the blameless
Forced under the wheels of circumstance,
Aid us in our moments of pain and torment
When we, too, are caught undeserving in the rages of the Gods.

(The wine is poured out as a libation. Each person present speaks in turn of undeserved events that they must endure, and how they came to have the strength of spirit to do so.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]