Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, May 15th



Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, May 15th



Ideas can be especially powerful today, Aries, particularly related to creative projects, romance, and possibly children. You can feel a reinvigoration of motivation for pursuing certain projects, branching out, and expressing yourself creatively. This boosts your energy levels for taking on new challenges. Goals and dreams seem easier to reach with this new perception. Past negative, self-defeating attitudes can be left behind. You may be getting over an important “hump” psychologically, and there may be a breakthrough on a project this week. Enjoy the confidence boost!


Particularly if you’ve handled recent slowdowns well, Taurus, this is a strong time for regaining momentum, especially related to a money or business matter. Even so, there is also good favor with you for real estate, family, and friendships. It’s a time for robust ideas that can serve you well for years to come if you follow through with them. There can be a breakthrough of sorts this week regarding a family matter, likely having to do with a friend’s recommendation or help. Your confidence will go a long way towards making things happen, so be sure to take the initiative and put your heart into a relationship or project now for best results.


Your natural talents are on display today, Gemini. This is a hands-on time when you want to take action, and ideas are powerful, easy to access, and likely very successful. This is a good day for communications on the job or with the public. You have some rather magical qualities now, and you could be solving old problems or envisioning new horizons. There is a sense of being in tune, and you are feeling more confident than you have felt for a while. There can be new channels for expressing yourself or for satisfying your needs and wants now. Your approach is especially progressive.


You are rebuilding confidence levels today, Cancer, particularly related to taking action on private or personal matters, or finishing up projects and things that you need to put behind you. Educational, travel, and financial problems can be released or resolved this week through new thinking and the action you take now. You are tuning in to your inner energy and courage, and you are especially interested in finding ways to heal, grow, and improve. Release of pent-up frustration and energy might be found through physical outlets. You can feel more vital and filled with spirit.


If you’re feeling at all stuck professionally or personally, Leo, look to friends, teams, groups, or networking for help getting doors to open for opportunities to advance your interests this week. Joining with others or pooling resources can indeed bring mutual benefits now. Enthusiasm for recent projects, and possibly life itself, is once again on the upswing after some possible stumbling blocks. Activities are increasing, and problem-solving skills are strong, but you also have some excellent ideas for future projects. There can be renewed confidence in life’s possibilities and future options.


You can feel more on top of your work or in charge of your life now, Virgo. There can be fortunate turns in a partnership or the release of a burdensome problem now that has you feeling far freer and more powerful. You are less afraid of challenges and certainly ready to put in hard work. A situation that seemed impossible or too difficult can release itself this week, and this allows you greater freedom to pursue your interests. Those things or attitudes that kept you from taking important action are on their way out. The work you do now, particularly related to letting go of heavy karmic weight and getting your partnership situation smoothed out, will benefit you greatly when Jupiter transits your sign for over a year, beginning this August. You’ll want to have less emotional baggage for this fortunate influence.


Your energy and motivation levels are building, Libra, and you may be taking steps to improve your life through expanded knowledge, education, and experience. There can be a strong desire to implement a new health and wellness program that brings you more vitality and builds your spirit. Problems that you’ve been avoiding or areas in which you’ve been procrastinating don’t seem as daunting, and you could be taking big steps to get these things behind yo. It can be a good time for competing and for general success. You seem to have more initiative and natural courage today and this week.


This is a good time for acting on intuition, Scorpio, as you seem to sense the right next move. You are interested in making positive changes, and you instictively know that in order to do so, you need to switch up your methods. Fortunately, you’re quite unafraid of obstacles or challenges that previously seemed a little daunting, particularly related to relationships, career, major life plans, and creative projects. Enthusiasm for these things, and faith in yourself, are certainly building now. Ideas coming to you now are possibly quite marketable, so take note. If you need support, a loan, or other resources, this can be a good time for taking the necessary action.


Your ruler, Jupiter, is moving towards a very creative aspect with Chiron, dear Sagittarius, and today, Mars is involved, stirring up the desire for action. This might come through someone in your life as Mars is in your partnership sector, but whatever the motivation, you’re feeling inspired to grow, improve, and heal. You may find a solution to a problem related to travel or home life, educational plans, and finding a better balance between security and adventure. While you could easily feel that you are capable of taking on anything, and your energy levels increase with your motivation, try not to overdo things. Personal appeal is strong, and love relationships can be energized now.


This is a good day for bonding with a partner or for love in general, Capricorn. You are open to new ways of relating, and less likely to repeat the same overdone patterns. This is also a powerful time for finding productive solutions to work and health problems. Again, it’s about looking at things in new ways. There can be a breakthrough in research, conversations or news that stimulate original thinking, and a kind of fearlessness when it comes to tackling problem areas, both in relationships and on practical levels. You tend to ignore the more conservative side of your nature in favor of somewhat unorthodox methods. There can also be new hope for healing methods, and strong motivation to improve physically. You are naturally drawn to activities that make you feel good all over.


Motivation, particularly for a creative or pleasurable pursuit or a relationship, is improving and building today, Aquarius. In fact, you have a lot of courage to make positive changes and the talent to back it up. Creatively speaking, it’s a powerful time. You could also solve some relationship and financial problems today, largely due to a certain fearless confidence that may have been missing lately. You are drawn to things, situations, and people that/who make you feel good about yourself. You might even find a new outlet, game, or pastime that excites you or allows you the freedom to express yourself. People may be extra willing to back or support your efforts. Creative talents are on show now.


This week is wonderful for feeling that you’re growing and gaining wisdom, Pisces, and today, you could have the courage to handle problems that you previously felt stumped by. This can be a good time for handling a health matter or for making lifestyle changes, and it’s also powerful for improving home and family life. There can be a sense that you’re recovering from recent challenges, and your spirit is stronger. You are far less concerned about outward “proof” of success and more fully in tune with what makes you happy regardless of what is expected of you. Inner healing and vitality are what count most to you at this time.

The Daily Motivator for May 4th – Rise to the challenges

Rise to the challenges

Just because the job is challenging doesn’t give you an excuse to be less than your best. In fact, what it gives you is the opportunity to rise to the challenge.

Great success is not achieved by just doing the easy stuff. Great success is the result of being willing to, and even enthusiastic about working through the challenges.

Each challenge you encounter can either be a reason to quit or a pathway to achievement. Through your attitude and your actions, you decide which it will be.

Difficult, complicated, challenging work is not a curse, but rather is a valuable blessing. It is your chance to learn, to grow, to become stronger and more capable, and to achieve.

In every challenge is a way for you to make a meaningful positive difference in the world. Welcome the challenges, and you welcome the potential for new richness into your life.

You are much more powerful and effective than you’ve ever experienced. The way to know that without a doubt, is to rise to the challenges.

— Ralph Marston


The Daily Motivator