Let’s Talk Witch – Candle Magic

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Candle Magic


Candle magic is the oldest magic there is. Early wise people concentrated on flames from cave fires to foretell the future or solve a problem. Staring at the flame was the perfect way to go into an alpha state and connect with the spirit world to see past, present and future details of someone’s life or the unfolding events of the village or community.

It is the simplest magic there is because candles are easy to find, and the ritual doesn’t take much work. The beauty of candle magic is that you can manifest just about anything you want to by concentrating on the flame and clearing your mind.

To begin, it is important that you do NOT eat before a ritual or have sex before a ritual. Be clear of body and mind, and spirit because it make the spell more powerful. It also helps that you begin your ritual with a positive mind. You must know and believe the outcome of the spell will be positive and beneficial to all.

Make sure your space is quiet, and clear of clutter. You may want to play soft music or take a cleansing bath with lavender or other aromas of your choosing to relax before you start your spell.

It is important to choose the color of the candle that corresponds with what you desire to manifest.

White = purity, peace, spirituality

Red = sexual vitality, courage, energy, health

Pink = romantic love, affection, friendships

Yellow = creative imagination, memory, communication

Green = abundance, harmony, good luck, fertility

Blue = wisdom, psychic insights, psychic protection, healing

Purple = success in financial affairs, idealism and spiritual power.

Gold = positive

Silver = clairvoyance, astral energies and channeling, also the faculty of far memory and remembering past lives.

Once you have chosen the candle you want to use for your spell, give it your personal vibration. Handle the candle with both hands, study the wax in it, look at it carefully and try to connect with your candle and give it your intention or thought. This gives the wax your life force. Use essential oil (not necessary but helpful) on the candle. Always rub the candle with the oil from the top to the bottom when anointing.

While oiling your candle think about what you wish to accomplish with this magic. Visualize the spell successful and see your desires manifest before you light the candle.

Then light the candle and focus on the flame for at least 5-15 minutes, clearing your mind of all thought and visualize what you want to manifest.



Ancient Magick for the Modern Witch

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Let’s Talk Witch – Candle Magic Basics

Candle Magic Basics


Candle Magic has been around for many years. It’s an easy, yet powerful form of magic that can help you apply the energies of the body with the powers of the mind to obtain your desires. Some candle magic may have to be repeated over a period of days. Therefore, you will want to place your candles in an area that will not be disturbed. It’s best to avoid rooms with a TV, radio noise or disturbances of any kind. Candle magic should be performed in a low traffic area whenever possible. A bedroom is often ideal for such work.

As with all magical tools, the candle made by the practitioner for a specific purpose captures the energy of the practitioner. Some prefer to work with beeswax candles, as they believe these are more powerful because they are produced from nature. But any type of candles can be used for candle magic. Just remember to cleanse and consecrate them prior to use.

Cleansing removes all the negative energies that the candle may have picked up along the way. You want your candles to be as free of psychic debris as possible. Submerge the candle in salt (sea salt if possible) and then ask the God and Goddess to bless it. No formal words or ritual is needed. Simply speak from your heart.

Many Wiccans like to dress their candle with oil. Use whatever oil you prefer. If your candle will be burned to bring something to you, rub the oil on the candle in a downward motion from the top to the middle and then from the bottom to the middle. To send something away from you, rub the oil from the middle of the candle out to the ends. Never make a back and forth motion as this defeats the purpose. Dab the remaining oil from your fingers onto your third eye and on your breastbone. Then say the following:

“I cleanse and consecrate this candle in the name of the God and Goddess. May it burn with strength in the service of the light.”

State and/ or visualize your intent for the candle as you light it.

Some will also inscribe their candle with a name or word to represent its purpose. If you have an Athame, you can use it to inscribe your candle. The same principle as dressing the candle is used. To draw something to you, write from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the middle. To repel things, write from the middle to the ends. Next is a list of traditional candle colors used in magic, with a brief description of their most common magical uses. White candles can be used as a substitute for any color. Keep lots on hand!



Wicca A Beginner’s Guide to Casting Spells: Herbal, Crystal and Candle Magic (Living Wicca Today Book 3)

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