Thank You Goddess For The Many Blessings You Have Given Us!

The most precious gift a person can ever be given is their family. I am very happy to report that my family in Illinois is fine. They have no home left but they did make it to a shelter in time and are fine. The  house they can rebuild but those precious children they cannot replace.

I want to thank you for all your concerns, blessings and prayers. It meant the world to me to see all of them this morning. The people in Brookport need our prayers and support. I cannot begin to tell you what it is like to see a once proud individual walking around just like a little lost pup. No expression, no color, just a blank lost look on his or her face. Everything they had is gone. I have been in two tornadoes myself but nothing like these people have experienced. I never lost any personal belongings or anything I could never replace. I can’t imagine having to start rebuilding my life over. The human spirit will prevail. With the help of the Goddess, they shall rise again like the mighty Phoenix. Humans are very resilient creatures as well as resourceful.

Oh, before I go, I live about three or four miles away from a plant where they use to enrich uranium. On the news last night, they finally said that the tornado had done damage to that plant “BUT”…….there was no radioactivity leaking from the building. That would have been great, seriously, I could have saved like crazy on my light bill. I would glow in the dark! Might as well laugh as cry about it.

Thank you again for being my friends and family.

I hope you have a very blessed day,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


I Am Sorry, I Hope You Can Understand.

Sorry Comments
I am sorry but I cannot do my job the way I am suppose too.  I have some family members that live in Brookport, Illinois. They are my cousin’s son, his family and two small babies. I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone. So I am going to drive out to my cousin’s house to see if they are all right. At least, this will ease my mind. I promise we will be back tomorrow in full force and delivering the quality of information you have come to expect from us. Till then…. Goddess Bless You & Keep You,Lady A

Good Afternoon, My Dear, Sweet Family!

Tornado Touched Down with winds of 145 mph killing 3 in Brookport, Illinois

It is so wonderful to be back online with you, my family. The last time I talked to you, I ended our conversation by saying, “The Tornado Warning Siren has just been set off.”  That day will definitely be a day to remember. We live in a very sparsely inhabited region. We have tornados touch down all around us. But thankfully for us, only old barns and abandoned buildings were destroyed.  The people in Brookport were not that lucky. Brookport is located right across the river from us. I don’t know if you have ever heard the old myth, a tornado will not cross water. Don’t believe it! I could see the tornado forming in Kentucky and my daddy had always told me that myth about tornadoes. So I figured the tornado was going to double back and that was going to be it. The winds kept building and building. The National Weather service said that the winds had got up to 75 miles an hour before it crossed the river. It was a huge tornado that struck this poor Illinois town. They won’t allow anyone in except for emergency personal and those who are cleaning up. Apparently there is nothing left of the town.

I know on the news they keep mentioning the larger towns in Illinois. Brookport was devastated and nothing but local people are helping. I know the government finally showed up but they are not telling the basic needs of this community. These people have lost everything. I guess because I got to see this monster that was going to demolish this poor town, I feel like this was way to close for comfort. These people need food, clothing, housing, personal items, basically they need everything.

The local news station (which I provided a link to) has a spot on it for donating to the Red Cross to help these people. The people that were hit by this tornado were nothing but good hard working individuals. They had worked for everything they had and now it is gone. If you would like to donate to the Red Cross, where the Red Cross can purchase the necessary items, please use the link below. I know the people of Brookport will appreciate all the help they can get within the next coming months.

WPSD Local 6

This page will tell you how you can donate, if you live somewhere in the area, where the drop off points are, everything you need to know to help.

Thank you!