Calendar of the Sun for October 20th

Calendar of the Sun

20 Winterfyllith

Festival of the Boychild

Colors: Any mix of bright colors
Element: Water
Altar: Lay cloth of bright colors. On this day, let boy children below the age of puberty come into the house and lay upon the altar their most beloved toys, and hang pictures that they have drawn, and set on the altar what food they would offer, of their choice, to be provided by the house.
Offerings: Give gifts to boy children, especially of time and attention and companionship.
Daily Meal: What the boy children choose, so long as it is within the eating rules of the house.

Invocation to the Sacred Boychild

I sing the song of the Boy Child,
Rising with the dawn,
Eyes full of wonder,
Spirit like a kite riding the winds,
Spirit flying among the gulls and swallows,
Golden with the light of all beginnings,
Explorer of the old seen anew,
You breathe possibilities.
By breath and scent, by bud and blossom,
By hands that play and feet that wander,
By eyes that see and touch the sky,
We hail you on this day,
Spirit of the Boychild
Who lives within each of us.
Spark of fire that will one day be a flame,
Rushing, tumbling brook that will one day
Become a river and roar into the ocean,
Leaping sapling who yearns to be a tree,
Climber of trees who will one day be
The climber of mountain peaks,
We hail you on this day,
Spirit of the Boychild
Who lives within each of us.
May you fill us with laughter
And with mischief, and wonder,
And the bright days of springtime
That rise with the dawn in our souls.

(All drum and dance in a circle, including those boy children who wish it.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]