Calendar of the Sun for January 2

Calendar of the Sun

2 Wolfmonath

Fenris’s Day

Color: Black
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a cloth of black light a flaming brazier, and drape many lengths of fine chain across the table. Place there also the figure of a wolf howling, and a chalice of animal’s blood.
Offerings: Blood.
Daily Meal: Red meat.

Invocation to Fenris

(First speaker:)
The Hag of the Iron Wood had three children,
And the daughter was Death,
The son was Destruction,
And the third encircled the World.
(Second speaker:)
I call you, Great Wolf,
But not to waking.
Sleep sound in your chains,
Sleep gently in your torment,
I would not recall you
To knowledge of your pain.
I call you in your dreams,
I call you in my dreams,
May we run together
In a world golden and fiery
Where a hundred suns
Blaze together in the sky
Like berries ripe for picking
Like rabbits to be chased.
May my wild self run with you there
And learn some measure of freedom.
(Third speaker:)
We all wear chains of our own binding,
Lest we do harm to others,
And within each of us stirs that which hates them
And desires all freedom.
Speak of him, that he may know you love him also,
Even though he must be chained!
(All speak in turn of their inner beast, and why he is worthy of love, even though he must be chained. Pour the blood out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]