Is Fall Sapping Your Energy? 5 Tips to “Fall” Back On

Is Fall Sapping Your Energy? 5 Tips to “Fall” Back On

By Debbie Mandel,

The winds of seasonal change are blowing. There is plenty of orange going around from falling leaves out here in the East to carved pumpkins and mums on  doorsteps. In color therapy, orange is the hue of cheerfulness. Therefore I expect to be greeted with sunny dispositions; instead I hear a few mumbled words  and observe allergic eyes, sluggish gaits and stuffy noses.

Fall compels you to take stock of your home, garden, school curriculum and work. You note what is depleted and what areas require innovation. While change  is stimulating, it can be stressful because for awhile you live in ambiguity to see if things will work out. Instead of rigorously following the tracks you  have carefully mapped out, try not to lose track of living in the moment. Nature is a great teacher. Let nature take you on a walk to be present-alive and  alert-to what is meaningful in life.

To power up:

* Fall back on the things that bring you simple pleasures like laughter, massage, well-prepared hearty food, music, art, good  friends-including people and pets.

* Don’t fall down, fall up! Become a work in progress. And if others ask you questions that make you feel small and unimportant, tell  them that you are still under construction.

* Rake the leaves, fall on the pile and show your true colors. Even if you have been hurt in the past, the more you open your heart  and�reveal your inner child, the lighter and happier you will feel.

* Build an identity totem pole on your desk. What small objects fortify your spirit? On my desk I have a photo of a bee on a rose, a  smooth river rock and an aloe plant- it could be horizontal.

* Find physical exercises which energize your mind. If you have to develop a difficult project at work, walk uphill to mirror your climb  to the summit. If you cannot release a sad situation, then play catch with a friend using a basketball or-for greater intensity-a weighted medicine ball.  Imagine when you throw the ball off your chest, you let go of the negativity. When you catch the ball, you catch the abundance of life.

Regarding those fall allergies, keep yourself in balance to minimize the little stressors that cause that tipping point. If you don’t feel better,  consult your doctor for medication.

Earth Science Pic of the Day for Sept. 16th – Autumn Splendor in Connecticut

Autumn Splendor in Connecticut

September 16, 2011

The panorama above shows the splendid fall foliage of the Quinnipiac River Valley in south-central Connecticut as viewed in October 2010 from the top of Meriden Mountain (Hubbard Park). Meriden Mountain stands about 900 ft (275 m) above the Quinnipiac River. Maples and oaks ignite the river valley and Hanging Hills in brilliant shades of gold and crimson. The city of Meriden, Connecticut stretches out in the mid-ground.

Photo details: Panorama “stitched” using 10 individual frames with my mini Nikon camera.