New Moon Report for August 7 – Mercury Direct

New Moon Report

by Jeff Jawer

Mercury Direct

Tuesday, August 7, 10:40 pm PDT, Wednesday, August 8, 1:40 am EDT

The forward shift of the communication planet should get information moving more easily in the days and weeks to come. Conversations put on hold can be restarted and data that’s been hard to find may finally show up. This change of direction with Mercury in dramatic Leo liberates creative ideas and invites heartfelt statements of affection.


New Moon Report for Tuesday, April 3 – Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini

Tuesday, April 3, 8:18 am PDT, 11:18 am EDT

The love planet is chatty and flirtatious in adaptable Gemini. Words can be delightful but also deceiving because it might be tempting to say whatever is necessary to amuse someone or deflect serious issues. Yet Venus is retrograde from May 15 until June 27, prolonging her stay in this sign until August 7 to add depth and complications to relationships. Clever quips are cute, but serious re-evaluations may be needed to fulfill our desires.