Daily Motivator for Oct. 23 – Something for something

Something for something

Plenty of people will promise you something for nothing, yet those are always  empty promises. Even when you can manage to get something for nothing, it does  not bring any real joy to your life.

The point of life is not to figure out how to get something for nothing. The  real fulfillment in life comes not from merely consuming, but from creating.

You cannot be truly rich simply by having a certain set of material  possessions. The richness that matters is genuine inner richness, and the  satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’re making a positive difference in  life.

Don’t waste your time wishing, hoping, demanding or begging to get something  for nothing. Joyfully put your energy into creating new, useful and beautiful  value out of the unique abundance with which you’ve been blessed.

The great thing about being alive is that you can, through your creative  endeavors, transform whatever you have into whatever you desire. That amazing,  limitless opportunity presents itself every moment of every day.

If you wish to have something of value, then work to create something of even  greater value. That’s the reliable way to be truly rich in all matters small and  large.

— Ralph Marston

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