Calendar of the Moon for May 16th

Calendar of the Moon
16 Saille/Mounukhion

Mounukhia: Artemis Moon Goddess

Colors: White and silver
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a cloth of white set with silver crescent moons, set five white candles, cypress incense, and a wide bowl of water surrounded by pine boughs, symbolizing a forest pool. In the bottom of it place a silver moon, and hang a silver moon above it. Lay also a platter of Amphiphontes, round white cakes with a candle lit in each one.
Offerings: The Amphiphontes, which are given to visitors of those in need as a gift.
Daily Meal: Goat meat. Extra Amphiphontes. White food.

Invocation to Artemis Moon Goddess

Lady of silver moonlight
Over the trees of the forest,
Lady of the forest pools
That sustain the hidden life of the darkness,
Lady who knows the hidden paths
And who sees the things that are not seen,
Light in the darkness, shining one of the silver bow.
On this day of double light,
When both the Sun and Moon can be seen at once,
On this day when you and your brother
Trade light between you,
On this day when all light
In the world is present to see,
We ask you, Lady of the forest pools,
Where the wild things slake their thirst,
To show us our own secret pools of wisdom
Where we, too, may send our wildest parts
To drink in safety from all that would harm them,
And let us accept those parts of us,
And find comfort in their continued freedom.

Chant: Full Moon Shining, Artemis, Artemis

(Each shall go forward to the altar and take into their hands one of the cakes, and say, “Artemis, Dear Mistress, to Thee I carry, Lady, this Amphiphon, and what shall serve to feed others in your name. I shall never forget your shining light.” Then all leave with the Amphiphons in their hands, and take them to the dining area, where invited guests are waiting, and give them unto the guests, saying, “I feed you in the name of Artemis, who knows the hidden ways. Remember this day and do likewise someday yourself.”)

[Pagan Book of Hours]