The Witches Magick for the 15th Day of the Hare Moon – Dark Moon Transformation Spell

Native American Comments & GraphicsDARK MOON TRANSFORMATION SPELL

Cast this spell to transform something specific in your life.

Use a royal blue candle and amber oil.

At midnight, draw a magic circle and call in the elements.

Dress the candle with a thin film of scented oil, and anoint yourself with the oil. Wipe any remaining oil from your hands. Light the candle, dedicating it to the Goddess of the Dark Moon. Focus your mind on the one thing you want to transform in your life. Select one thing and be specific. Now merge with the divine and say:

Dear Lady of the Dark Moon
Help me transform [state what you want to change]
And help me to be whole again!

Imagine being surrounded and bathed in a cobalt blue light. See and sense yourself transforming.

Move your mind into the future for a few moments and actually feel what that transformation feels like. Enjoy the positive change. Continue doing this for several minutes. Bathe your vision of the future in bright golden light, then turn your awareness to the candlelight. When you are done, thank the Lady of the Dark Moon. Bid farewell to the elements, and close the circle.

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Sirona Knight