Your Ancient Symbol Card for December 20 is The Hand

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Hand

Although the exact meaning may vary, The Hand is a symbol of some form of personal power in many cultures and religions. The presence of The Hand is an indication that your personal powers are at or near their zenith. The Hand suggest a time when you should leave your mark on the world.

As a daily card, The Hand suggest that now is a time for you to leave your mark on the world. Your unique strengths are heightened to a point where you can not only expect to make substantial progress towards your goals, but enjoy recognition for your efforts as well.

The Wicca Book of Days for July 21 – Adoring Aten

The Wicca Book of Days for July 21

Adoring Aten


In ancient Egyptian belief, July 21 marked the birthday of Aten, the divine disk of the sun, and was also considered the date on which the universe came into being, for it was told that after the Sun God – who was worshiped in various places and periods as Re, or Ra, Atum, Amun, and Amun-Re – had manifested himself, he went on to create the other Gods. Aten was once regarded as an aspect of Re (specifically, as the Sun God’s body), but gained temporary absolute primacy when he was elevated by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (1372 – 54 BC.) to the unique position of sole divinity.


A Golden Egg

To celebrate the Sun, look out for a translation of the ancient Egyptian text called The Hymn to Aten, which Pharaoh Amenhotep is reputed to have composed. Alternatively, boil an egg and savor the sight of its golden yolk, a solar symbol.

Deity of the Day for 3/27 – Amenhotep

AMENHOTEP: God of Architecture, Buildings and Construction Work.

It just shows the power of the priests. He started out as Pharaoh Amenhotep I, the second king of the 18th Dynasty. But his many building projects were so popular that the priests elevated him to deity status upon his death.

And he proved very popular, with many festivals held in his honor each year. Most houses had a picture of him, depicted with black or blue skin to symbolise resurrection. Which must have been a real inspiration to budding builders of the time.

AMENHOTEP must be one of the very few Gods to have left his mortal remains behind for us to poke at — his mummified body was discovered in 1881 in very good condition