Yarrow Love Spell

Yarrow Love Spell

Take the leaves of the yarrow, which has qualities that comfort, heal, and protect; and tickle the inside of the nostrils, murmuring to yourself this old country charm:

Green yarrow, green yarrow,

you bear a white bow;

if you love me, love me,

my nose will bleed now;

If my love don’t love me;

it won’t bleed a drop,

if my love do love me,   ‘

twill bleed every drop.

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The Wicca Book of Days for April 9th – Astringent Achillen

The Wicca Book Of Days for April 9th

Astringent Achillen

One of the plants that is said to be under the rulership of Mars, also this Arien day’s planetary governor, is yarrow, or milfoil. As befits a “martial” herb, it is said to have the power to remove fear, while its Latin name Achillea millefolium, recalls the Greek hero Achilles, who healed his battlefield wounds with yarrow. This explains why its alternative common names include staunchweed, knights’ milfoil, and soldiers’ woundwort. Credited with the ability to fend off evil influences, sticks of yarrow are also traditionally used to form the hexagrams of the I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes).

A Stannch Ally

Plant some yarrow, so that should anyone in your household cuts him or herself, you have instant access to this stemmer of blood. Simply pick and bruise some leaves and then apply them to the wound, pressing down gently until the bleeding has stopped. (Chewing the leaves is also said to ease toothache).